Nov 3, 2014

ARC Review--Revolution by Jenna Black


Dorothy Hayes claims to be the secret daughter of the recently assassinated Chairman. She also claims that Nate Hayes, the true heir and her supposed brother, was the one who murdered their father.

Nate and his best friend, Nadia Lake, are the only ones who know the truth about what really happened to the Chairman, and more importantly, the truth about Dorothy.

But with Dorothy in power, Nate and Nadia know their days are numbered. They have nowhere to run except the Basement, Paxco's perilous and lawless slums. But Dorothy is far from content with driving her enemies into hiding.

She wants them dead.

I received this ARC by bidding on the author's basket in the Brenda Novak Auction earlier this year, I was in no way compensated for this review. 

Jenna Black's Revolution wraps up the Replica trilogy and I am still decompressing what just happened! It was so intense and omg, the feels I had at the end are still haunting me! I was not expecting this kind of ending from the series and I must say, bravo Jenna!

We pick up pretty much where we left off in Resistance, Dorothy and Thea have killed Nate's dad and made it look like Nate and Nadia did it. Basically turning all the Executives and everyone they know against them and causing them to go on the run with their friends, Kurt, Dante, and Anges. They end up taking refuge in the Basement with unlikely fellows, the Red Death, a pretty intense gang that is the most in charge of the Basement.

The next few days in hiding are an intense sort. Not keen to wait things out Dorothy is causing chaos for the Basement, cutting them off from electricity, food supplies, medical care, and basically everything. And then the real battle begins when she sends aerial attacks from above. Nadia and Nate and their friends and the newly acquainted Shrimp--more on him in a bit--work together to try to put an end to Dorothy, and through her, Thea's reign.

This was an intense read! There really isn't a better word to describe it better! It was intense! We are in full out battle mode here and the stakes are high. People are getting critically injured and dying. The Basement was never the best of places to begin with but Dorothy is making it ten times worse. Pretty much all lives are in jeopardy including our heroes.

I have come to really love all these characters! Nate and Nadia definitely have their positives from the get-go! Nate could be a bit of an ass at times, but he has a truly devoted heart to his friends. Nadia may have cared too much of her appearance to Society at first, but that changes pretty much in the first book and only continues to grow! 

Dante, how I loved Dante! He was a fierce fight to the end and has a caring heart as well! The way he felt for Nadia pretty much melted me into nonsense goo! Kurt while he may seem like a bigger ass than Nate, kind of grows on you too. Then there's Agnes who I absolutely loved! She was definitely a character to take some growing towards, but I loved her! Sure, she was a bit socially awkward and shy at times (a few of my own qualities!) but there were times when she opened her mouth and said some surprising things! The girl's got guts and I loved her for it! She truly shows her colors in this final installment and she was a real hero in the end! 

Then there's Shrimp, and I totally fell for him too. He was a member of the Red Death--brother to the leader actually--and had taken to being the group's "caretaker" while in the Basement. He helped them with the know-how of things and he was really a nice guy with a good heart despite being a criminal of sorts! Plus his crush on Agnes really sealed the deal for me, I love seeing that "big bad boy" type melt for the right girl!

Wow, a lot of talk on characters there, but they are key to the story and the enjoyment I think! I really felt like this was an amazing novel! Lots of good action and suspense, because there are times when we don't know if all our characters will make it! Too many close calls to count! And just when we think things might be over, we are wrong! There are still quite a few chapters of aftermath to get the characters on their end course and this is where I fall apart!

When a series ends, I don't like having too many unanswered questions. I can handle not knowing precisely what's in the future. Just knowing the characters are on their course to a HEA ending is enough, but sometimes, it's not. We pretty much know where Nadia and Nate are at the end point. Although I still have questions regarding Nadia, but we only get an inkling of where Agnes will be. I mean, in a sense, we know, but we don't really know, you know? (yeah, had to throw that last bit in there!)

I just didn't feel like all our heroes were on the path to their HEA ending, there wasn't enough clues for me to see that and that upset me. I mean I was near tears with this one with the not knowing! I wanted to know that everyone was on their path to their happiness but I really only got that from a few people. There's a total blank, unknown for a few of the others and it made me want to cry because of it.

But still, the hopeless romantic in me, that likes to come out when I'm reading, wants to say that further down the line, everyone will be living HEA and that's what I am going to stick with!

Revolution was a great ending to a very intense and fast paced trilogy! I have enjoyed it immensely despite the lack of paranormal features, but a good dose of sci-fi will do in a pinch any day of the week! If you're looking for that amazingly, awesome sci-fi YA novel, look no further than the Replica trilogy! Jenna Black is truly talented and I urge you all to read her books!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

Revolution releases November 11, 2014


  1. Sounds amazing! Love Jenna Black! I haven't started this series yet! Glad to see you're enjoying it!
    Fab review!

  2. I've heard about this but haven't sought it out. The story seems really good. Thanks for the honest review. Glad you liked it.

  3. This is the first time I hear about this series, but they sound good! I love when the ending surprises me, mostly because it happens so rarely. Glad you enjoyed it, I'll check it ou.


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