Nov 27, 2014

Follow Friday

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This week's question is: Describe your favorite book character death scene. Why is it your favorite? Was it a villain or a hero? What made it so good? (Another prompt from book club ;) )  via Eternity Through Pages 

MY ANSWER: Favorite book character death scene? Like how one of my favorite characters died or my favorite way of death? Too hard!

Well...out of all the many, many, MANY deaths in this one I think I enjoyed seeing Voldemort die! I mean come on! That guy needed to die any way possible! Didn't care about the how!

I was also glad to see Bellatrix get hers! What a b with an itch!

I think Snape and Dobby were the most heart wrenching ones for me. Like many--I assume--I was blown away by Snape's memories and all that, though I did suspect something in book 6, just nowhere near this caliber!

And Dobby...sweet little Dobby!!! I still can't get over that one! Or Hedwig's for that matter...oh hell, all the heroes! I couldn't stand seeing any of them go!

And there's another one I won't mention...though I feel like I did this question before elsewhere...there are 2 actually. One from a very popular series where many were angered at this character's death. I saw the reason to it. And while I was still soooo utterly sad, I could see why it had to happen. I think I was more sad by the characters left behind's reactions more than anything!

And then there is a trilogy that just ended this year that killed off yet another hero...oh that one cut me deep. Real deep. Did NOT see it coming and oh wow I could not stop crying!!! AT WORK!!!

If you've read these two series, you should definitely know who I am talking about in both instances, though I don't think I'm giving enough hints in the second...sorry! Although my friend Cassi at My Thoughts...Literally! will know what I'm talking about for sure! ;)


  1. I didn't do this week's FF because I couldn't think of one. But I think every death scene in Harry Potter books was my favorite! They were all so well done. The biggest shock for me (and one that made me cry) was Sirius.

  2. All the Harry Potter deaths were so sad... I will never get over the deaths of Sirius, Lupin, Snape, Dumbledore or Dobby!! *sniffs* I was so pissed off when Umbridge didn't die!!! UGH!!! D": No fair! I want all the awesome characters back, I'll exchange for Umbridge!! *pouts*

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  3. YES! I totally agree! I was completely devastated by some of the deaths in HP, but Voldemort certainly was not one of them!

    Here's my F&F!

    Completely agree!
    Many HP deaths were horrifying and devastating, but this one was just satisfying.

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  5. Oh I was so mad about Snape I almost didn't want to finish the The others was sad but Snape was my favorite character!! Horrible.

  6. All true for HP. I couldn't even touch that one for this week's FFF. I chose to go with a much older book and the EVIL villain.

  7. There are definitely so many deaths to choose from in the last HP book. And the Dobby death killed me! He was such a sweet side character, I would NOT have thought he would die. Also that reminds me of Hedwig's death. So sad!

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    Kat @ Readiculous Blog

  8. I agree with your assessment about HP & the Deathly Hallows. I think when I read the book through for the first time, the first death in the opening chapters just completely shocked me and I was numb for the rest of the book. So many deaths and sacrifices.

    And I think I can guess the two series you're talking about. And yes, agree! :D

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    Obsessive Compulsive Reader


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