Nov 5, 2014

Review--Battle for Blood by Lucienne Diver

Dragons, demons, gods, gorgons. Who will save the world…and who could destroy it?

Latter-Day Olympians, Book 4
Tori wakes after Rise of the Blood to two very shocking realizations: one, she’s in bed with a very naked Apollo, having lost the fight to resist their attraction. Two, she still has her wings. Not dinky little fairy wings. Full-scale, cover-’em-with-a-trench-coat bat wings.

Apollo suggests consulting the Gray Sisters on the wings. Those cannibalistic, psychopathic oracles who, even with only one tooth and one eye among them, manage to see too much. As in a Rapture, zombie-apocalypse, biblical-plague, hellgates-busted-open the end of the world. 

While the Sisters are perfectly on board with death and destruction, the thinning of the human herd doesn’t sit well with them at all. They’ll help her. All she has to do is save the world.

Tori and her team trace the origin of the plagues to New York City, which is under quara
ntine and martial law—as if that’s enough to stop the influx of gods and gorgons, dragons and demons. But as death threatens from without, betrayal lurks within Tori’s ranks. And nobody is safe. Nobody.

Warning: Betrayal and bad-assery, sensuality and a sizzling hot sun god. Death, demons, destruction and, potentially, the end of the world as we know it…zombie style.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.

Battle for Blood is the fourth installment in Lucienne Diver's Latter-Day Olympians series and is one of my favorites! It combines Greek Mythology with some other paranormal goodness, plus amazing characters and some good-natured humor!

When we last left Tori, she was in a bit of a pickle. She has wings that she doesn't know how to properly control--like the whole hiding them from humans thing--Nick was seriously injured and breaking up with her, and she spent the night with Apollo...which led to things other than sleeping! Now Tori and Apollo are off to see the Fates to see if they will help Tori with her wings problem, being that that is the only solvable one at the moment. But before they agree to help her, they want her to do something for them first. Nothing big, just stop a guy from ending the world!

If that wasn't enough, Lau--Nick's partner from the police force comes a calling and tells Tori that she has to heal Nick. Find a way or else. And so begins Tori's ever so fun journey in trying to track down a bad guy while also dodging zombies left and right. The US, particularly LA and NYC are under heavy attack from the monsters and the bad guys controlling them.

Tori is without a doubt my favorite character in this series! Naturally, she's the heroine but she's a fun heroine! She's part gorgon, used to be in a circus and now works as a PI. She has quite the attitude, but it's snarky and harmless, she's just funny! I love her sense of humor like how in random moments a song pops up in her head and it's even one I know! So there are some pop culture references in this one, but they're kind of subtle at times and aren't completely "modern" as in music of today.

The romance in this one was good as well. There's not a whole lot since Tori and Nick are technically broken up. But then there's Apollo, the Apollo as in the god! And things are definitely intense between these two. But there's so much chaos and action going on around them, there's hardly time for romance. Now Nick is still around too, for Tori's journey brings her back to him and there's still something between them. And I admit, I have a soft spot for Nick. But you can kind of tell the direction Tori is going in and I respect that. So there's not really a strong love triangle moment, but more so a little one. It's there for a moment or two, but then it becomes obvious of who Tori will choose to be with.

The ending to this one was great! Pretty much what you could expect. There's no clear cut path that Tori is headed towards now, besides the trying to get her wings issues sorted out. Though that's a minor thing after everything else that happened! This was a rather fast paced kind of read as well, I think the reason it took me a little longer than usual was because of its format on my kindle. It was a pdf file and all and the way my kindle formatted it made it seem longer to read. Or maybe not. I'm just really weird with my kindle reads. Feels like it takes longer to read an ebook then a real one! But the pacing was good. There's not really a dull moment as Tori is constantly on the move. There are moments where the action isn't so high, but it's usually due to a rather entertaining moment as well! Hermes for instance joins up with Tori eventually, and he's just a riot!

Battle for Blood was yet another awesome addition to the Latter-Day Olympians series! One I highly recommend for Urban Fantasy fans because it's not your typical UF read with vampires and werewolves (though those are still incredible!) but with Greek gods and goddesses and all other sorts of monsters they decide to raise and you know, cause a little chaos!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

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