Nov 20, 2014

Review--Gifted by Kelley Armstrong

Contains two holiday stories, one Otherworld Pack and one Cainsville.

Gabriel’s Gargoyles - (Cainsville short story, Gabriel Walsh as 10 year old narrator.) Cainsville was where a boy could walk the streets safely at any time, day or night. Where everyone was genuinely glad to see you, and didn’t think you were odd if you wanted to keep to yourself. Because Cainsville was odd, too. For one thing, there are the gargoyles. Unlike the others, Gabriel doesn’t believe the carven creatures came to life to protect the town. It’s up to a boy to protect himself. Now he’s determined to find the last hidden gargoyle by winter Solstice. He’s also determined to get the perfect gift for his great-aunt Rose. And when Gabriel Walsh sets goals, he achieves them…one way or another.

The Puppy Plan (Otherworld novella, 9 year old Logan Danvers as narrator.) When Logan finds an puppy abandoned by the roadside a few days before Christmas, he knows it’s a sign. His sister Kate wants a dog more than anything. Their parents aren’t completely opposed to the idea. It’s just a bad time. A really bad time. Maybe next year. But now there’s this puppy in need of a home and a girl in need of a pet… So how does a boy who always plays by the rules give his sister what she wants most?

Gifted is a perfect read for the holidays! Kelley Armstrong brings us two short stories from her amazing series Cainsville & Otherworld! These were some great reads and really quick ones too, but were still oh-so-enjoyable!

Gabriel's Gargoyles

This one centers around a young Gabriel as he's saving up to buy the perfect Christmas gift for his great-aunt Rose. It was kind of cute to see Gabriel as a kid! He's already such an odd and mysterious character in the series now, seeing him as a kid, is like seeing adult Gabriel minified! He's got the same attitude but perhaps a bit downgraded as he is just a kid!

It was kind of sad seeing how he lives with his mother though. The woman is cruel in the neglectful kind of way. Always jonesing for her next fix. She steals from her son and there's rarely a time Gabriel can have a decent meal. He has to hide the money he saves and leave a small stash for his mother to conveniently find again and again! She steals from her own son! It's amazing Gabriel turned out into a decent human being after all that! And I think a lot of it is because of the time he got to spend with Rose.

It was a really sweet story too! And it packs a lot of emotion into it for such a short read! Gabriel is also doing his best to track down the last gargoyle in the town so that he can claim to find them all. Of course having one fashioned after him isn't his idea of a reward. The mysterious writer--totally blanking on his name--is still around! This guy drives me nuts! It's because he's SO mysterious! I mean who is he?! What is up with Cainsville and all their secrets? This short story basically just got my brain roaring on the questions again! But I must say, again, that I loved the ending!

Rating 5/5

The Puppy Plan

Kelley brings us a new kind of narrator this time around, and that's 9-year-old Logan! He's trying to figure out the perfect gift for his sister for Christmas. And he stumbles upon it in the woods one night and even that was a heartbreaking kind of moment! Kate has always wanted a dog and he happens upon an abandoned puppy. But he knows it's going to take a lot of convincing to his parents to agree.

Logan is such an amazing character! And he's nine years old! He is very mature for his age. He didn't want to beg his parents and put them between a rock and a hard place. He wanted to prove to them that having a puppy would be no big deal. So he tries to keep the puppy a secret for the time being until the moment is right to ask his parents.

This one was a bit longer than the first but still enjoyable! Seeing through Logan's eyes was a different kind of experience, but still amazing! This kid is just so awesome! He's caring and considerate, and like I said, just really mature for his age. He thinks things through logically!

I also enjoyed seeing Clay and Elena however briefly as they will always be my favorite Otherworld couple! Logan even gets a peek at them being lovey dovey like and his reaction was adorable! Clay makes an excellent father too! This story was just all kinds of amazing! And the ending had quite a twist to it too!

Rating 5/5

Needless to say this was one GREAT read and I read it just in time for the holidays!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


  1. I've STILL never read anything by this author but this looks like such a cute place to start! I actually never read many Christmas books before the RAT I did this earlier this month but now I'm kind of hooked. I might pick this one up, especially since you loved it so much. Thanks for sharing :)

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  2. I love Gabriel! He's like one of my favorite anti-heroes from her books =)


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