Nov 19, 2015

Follow Friday

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This week's question is: If you could teleport into ANY story, which would you chose? - Suggested by Life Is Reading

MY ANSWER: This too sounds awfully familiar! I would want to transport into nearly any Otherworld Novel by Kelley Armstrong! Fiercely independent and strong women with a great circle of friends, and yeah, a super hot boyfriend! LOL!

Or there's always the traditional/standard/given answer...

 (Hogwarts, if the picture is being uncooperative!)


  1. I haven't read Armstrong, but her books sound fabulous. And yeah I think Hogwarts would be fun. But for myself, I think going back in time to one of the highland clans. With the brogue, the kilts and swords.

  2. Ohh with the magic and all! Nice choice!
    Old follower. :)

  3. Of course HP! LOL Mine is, as you already read in my blog, Middle Earth! Happy Friday, Jessica!

  4. Man, I keep wanting to read Armstrong's books, especially the ones which take place on Vancouver Island, because I know a fair amount of people there. Your description of Otherworld Novels sounds great as well, though!

    New follower on Twitter and Bloglovin' :). My FF!

  5. I've never heard about this book. It's sounds good :)
    Old follower.

  6. I have Bitten but not read it yet but I have watched the show and it would be cool to be there and everyone loves :)

  7. Both great choices, I need to read more from Kelly Armstrong <3
    I'm an old follower

    Enchanted by YA:

  8. New follower through email! I haven't read anything by Kelley Armstrong but I do plan on starting the Darkest Powers series in 2016. Looking forward to reading your future posts!


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