Nov 6, 2015


While working on my TTT post for next week, I uncovered a glorious amount of news!!!

There will be ANOTHER Underworld movie!!! I am sooooo freaking excited about this! Underworld: Next Generation will release next October and Kate Beckinsale reprises her role of Selene. Sadly, it seems Scott Speedman isn't returning to play Michael. But guess who IS in it with her?


Have you guessed yet???


Yes, my celebrity soulmate! LOL! We share the same birthday after all! EEP! I first met Theo in Underworld: Awakening, so I am glad to see him returning if we can't have Michael aka Scott Speedman!

So 2016 shall be AWESOME! Soooo many incredible books to release. A new Underworld movie, Moana (Disney Princess), the female Ghostbusters movie with CHRIS HEMSWORTH! Captain America for that many awesome movies! And what will hopefully also include a trip to Disney World! Not to mention the already planned and paid for BEA and NOLA Storycon!!! 2016 will be a blast!!


  1. Chris Hemsworth is gonna be in the Ghostbusters movie? Oh he is going to ham up his role, I can feel it!


    After I saw him in Divergent I was all "Where have I seen this dude before I know I have" I looked him up and there he was in Underworld: Awakening. Yep. That was it.

    Yea, I had read that Scott Speedman said he wouldn't be doing anymore in the franchise (sadly). But this is still super exciting. I don't think I'll make it to BEA in 2016. Maybe 2017 -sigh-

    Thank you for the awesome news!! This is probably one of my fav movie franchises.

  3. I flipping LOVE The Underworld movies!!! And Theo James and Kate Beckinsdale both? WINNER!!!!

  4. Yes, great news for upcoming movies! I live in a mostly male household so we are all hyped up about Star Wars. Theo James was also in an episode of the first season of Downton Abby. He had a VERY memorable role.

  5. Wikipedia had already mentioned that but YEEESS THEO JAMES AS A VAMP!!! *squuueeeeaaall*

  6. This is so awesome!! I love the Underworld movies AND Theo James!! Thanks for bringing this up!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds


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