Feb 10, 2016

Mind Blown!!! Something You HAVE to Read!! DISNEY RELATED!

My mind has been blown yet again with yet another Disney connection!! I saw this article on Yahoo and I am amazed at these people who are able to figure these things out! Like the whole timeline of the Disney movies and how so many of them are connected! I love it!!

But anyway, the latest theory is that in Beauty and the Beast, the book Belle borrowed from the bookshop--which is weird! Who borrows from a bookshop?! Guess Belle just has the right connections!--was Aladdin!! YES!!! Belle was reading the story of Aladdin!!! (or so the theory says...)

Cool right?! I was impressed!!

Though the article does go on to say it doesn't necessarily mean that it is in fact Aladdin! I mean the picture we see, clearly tells a different story! And how dare that sheep EAT a corner of the book!!

Besides that, the book could also be foreshadowing Belle's own story. Or even possibly be Sleeping Beauty!

Again, these are just fun theories Disney enthusiasts think up after time! I find them enjoyable! Even if I sometimes get agitated with some...

But another thing, one of the other theories says that Aladdin takes place in the future. A dystopian setting and such and that the Genie has truly seen everything, hence all his impersonations of people from our own time! So how could Belle be reading about a story that takes place so far into the future! I mean yes, it's a story but one that dwells in things so far out there that I don't know if Belle and everyone else in her time period would be able to conceive it! 

Of course, it could just be the story of Aladdin, since it was a story before a Disney movie! It gets mind-boggling I tell you! You see what happens to me when I read too many Disney theories?! LOL! Of course, I think you're supposed to take each theory separately!

If you'd like to read the article in full, here it is!


  1. I think this is most of disney stories. Prince in disguise, daring sword fights, far off land, and some magic. yup most disney movies. at leas the older ones.

  2. Yeah, I saw this theory too, but I don't really like think it refers to Aladdin. It's also reminiscent of Belle's own story and so many other Disney stories.

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

  3. The internet comes up with some really cool headcanons for so many movies! The disney ones are always super exciting.


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