May 16, 2017

Discussion Challenge: Buying Finished Copies of ARCs

So I had another idea as I was writing my previous post concerning ARCs, and it's one I've thought about before as well. When you're blessed enough to receive an ARC, be it electronic or physical, do you buy the finished copy afterwards?

Buying Finished Copies of ARCs?

I know some bloggers who will actually read the finished copy as well, even if they read the ARC! Just to see if there were any differences since ARCs aren't always final. While I would love to do this as well, I just don't have time! I feel like my reading speed isn't up to par compared to other bloggers! LOL! So while I don't have time for a re-read of a book, I do find that 99% of the time I will buy the finished copy of an ARC I've read. There have been a small handful of ones where it was a read that was only so-so and I decided not to, which was mostly when I received eARCs.

I've had a recent binge of a few ARCs that I received during the Independent Bookstore Day festivities and am nearing my last one, but I've already ordered or bought in one case, all those books! I found that I did enjoy them and I'd really like a finished copy! I guess it goes back to my bookish OCD traits, I want that finished copy! The glorious hardcover with it's amazing cover and to see what kind of texture said cover might have...yeah, it's a booklover thing! Lol. 

But I don't know if other bloggers feel the same way. That they just might keep the ARC and call it their copy--I admit I did do this in my early stages of blogging because I was still young and didn't have a full time job yet! Lol. So my funds were limited and I can see money being the issue of why some might not buy the finished copy as well. That even waiting for Book Outlet to get said finished copy in would be a fruitful idea.

I also tend to buy the finished copies and order ahead of time if I can to help out the authors themselves! If I loved a series I definitely want it to continue and not be canceled, because I've seen that happen and it HURTS! Especially when left unresolved! So ordering finished copies even though I read an ARC just adds one more sale to that number and hopefully will make the publisher feel inclined to continue said series! 

So my endless rambling just comes down to that I like owning a finished copy of the ARCs I read. That the only times I really keep an ARC are when it had an original cover idea but was changed prior to publishing. I'm weird for those! Lol! But what about you guys? Do you buy finished copies of books you read as ARCs?


  1. I am not a re-reader, and I don't collect books (different covers, etc) either. I often give away the books after I read them too, because I have so little space in my home (which is also why I prefer eARCs). But, I must admit, when I see all the shelfies or the pictures of all the different versions of a book, I am a bit envious.
    Sam @ WLABB

  2. The whole reason I read ARCs (well, eARCs since I don't really get physical ones) isn't because I want a book ahead of time, it's because I can't afford that many books. In fact, a lot of the ARCs I get aren't even advanced, they're just review copies of books that are already out. So as much as I'd love to help out authors since I know they need the money too, no, I don't usually buy finished copies. But if I really love a book, then there is always a chance I'll splurge and get a physical copy for my shelves!

  3. I have a lot of ARCs as "my copy" as I don't have a big book buying budget, but for my absolute faves I try to buy a finished copy and pass along the ARC.

  4. I have a lot of ARCs as "my copy" as I don't have a big book buying budget, but for my absolute faves I try to buy a finished copy and pass along the ARC.

  5. I don't buy too many new books. I do buy ebooks when they hit the right price. I have bought audiobooks for books that I have read as an ARC to do a re-read. I have some bookshelves but not enough to buy every book I enjoy.

  6. I don't reread a lot so I don't go out a buy finished copies. Then again, I rarely buy books anyways--they have to be absolute faves that I want to share with friends/family or want to reread later on in life.

  7. I don't reread books and I don't ever buy finish copies, I sort of never even thought to do that. lol. I love an ARC but I am starting to feel like as awesome as they are I would rather just read the finished book when it comes out :) However, I do love to have books on my shelf so I usually buy the ones with the prettiest covers :) lol

  8. I very seldom buy finished copies if I've already read the ARC. I pretty much never re-read and I only collect books that I REALLY love. I already have overflowing bookshelves, so buying copies of books I've already read would seem like an indulgence I can't afford. (Though, to be clear, I HAVE the money to buy books, but I also have three kids whose activities use up a lot of our resources.) the only time I buy a finished copy of a book I've already read is when I go to an author event.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Oh, OR if the finished copy is somehow special---like Illuminae and Gemina!


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