May 29, 2017

Discussion Challenge: Why I Don't Do Horror Movies

So another idea came to me the other day and it was one that I may have touched on briefly, or maybe not. Can't really remember! Lol. Sucks getting old! But it was about horror movies and in a roundabout way, horror novels or thrillers, but the equivalent of horror movies but in book format!

Why I Don't Do Horror Movies

And the answer is really quite simple. I hate horror movies because I have a seriously overactive imagination! Yes, I was the kid who didn't fear the boogeyman, but worried Freddy Kreuger might be lurking around the corner in the basement. Now, it wasn't that I wanted to watch a Freddy Kreuger movie at age 7 or 8 or whenever it was. It as due to the lack of good judgment on a certain adult. So because he wanted to watch it while having kids around, I was sort of forced to watch it too because there wasn't another TV in the house. And this was before my reading habits really kicked in. There was literally nothing for me to do. And yeah, I've pretty much hated horror movies ever since. Even when I tried to get over my fear by watching another as a teenager, I was pretty much afraid to open my closet because there is a hatch in the ceiling in order to get to the crawlspace and was created when my ceiling fan had been installed. And if you ever saw the Sarah Michelle Gellar movie called The Grudge, you may know why I don't like "attic" entrances!

Yes, I told myself it was all fiction. It wasn't really. But movies are really spot on in portraying these things in a very vivid manner. And for someone who has an overactive imagination like myself, you can't help but constantly think of these things as you're lying in bed trying to sleep and telling yourself you're not seeing things move in the shadows.

So yeah, I don't do horror movies still to this day because I have an overactive imagination. But horror novels? Thrillers? I'll totally read those! Why you ask? I think it's because my mind will tone down the scary. Even if it's bloody horror filled rooms or whatever, my brain instinctively shields me from it and it's like I can't really see it or something. It's weird. I can barely explain it except for that reasoning! And it's not like I read slasher novels or ones filled with man eating monsters or psychopaths. Though some of the thrillers have had psychopaths, just not the murderous rampaging ones!

That's my story then! I will likely never watch a horror movie, unless we're talking old school classics like The Creature from the Black Lagoon or Bela Lugosi's Dracula, because I'll totally watch those! I guess horror from the 30s is easier to handle than ones dating 70s or whenever that one Freddy movie came out and there on.


  1. I don't enjoy horror movie or book, but that because I don't like gore or cruelty. And especially not gore for gore's sake or cruelty that keeps having to top itself (like the Saw series.)

  2. I actually think we've had a conversation about this before because I had a very similar experience where I was at a sleepover at a way to young age (maybe 8?) and they showed a bunch of horror movies---including The Exorcist, which totally scarred me for life. I don't think I'll ever be a fan of horror now.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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