May 29, 2017

MOVIE REVIEW--Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

So yesterday I saw the latest Pirates movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and I say latest because with the way that one ended--and we're talking post-credits ending--there HAS to be another one! And according to IMDB we at least have a slot for one. I thought I initially heard that there was to be three new movies after the initial trilogy anyway, but so far at least, they are all kind of separate movies.

We get a bit of a fun twist here! Henry, Will and Elizabeth's son, is determined to break his father's curse by finding the legendary Triton that can break all curses set at sea. But Henry will need the famous Captain Jack Sparrow's help, he only has to spring him from jail. Joining him and Jack is also Karina, a young woman being accused of witchcraft when in reality she's an astronomer wanting to study the stars so she can read the journal her mysterious father left for her that should help Henry find his treasure.

Our big bad is Amando Salazar, who is a cursed ghost of sorts. Honestly, I felt like that wasn't explained too well as we did get a flashback showing how Jack bested Salazar and it resulted in Salazar dying with his crew. But how they came to be ghosts and whatnot? No clue. I felt like it should've been explained better, like with the first Pirates movie and that curse!

We see all the old favorites in this one, including Barbossa and Gibbs...and a few others who I am really tripping on names! And though they were hardly in it at all, both Will and Elizabeth do make appearances!

I think the first Pirates movie will always be my favorite and it will take a LOT to top that one! But I'll admit this new installment wasn't all that bad! We still get the same intense sword-fights, runs with danger, and of course, Jack being Jack!

While we didn't get to see Jack's dad, we did get to see his Uncle Jack for a moment, you might recognize him as Paul McCartney! The monkey named Jack is also back! All that was missing was the faithful pooch who always held the jail keys!

I truly loved how this one ended! I mean, I was always upset with how the initial trilogy ended. I don't know anyone who wasn't! So that the writers actually decided to take the story in this direction was awesome!! And now I am dying to know what the next movie will be about and when it will release because you can't give that particular after credits scene and NOT have something in the works planned!

This is truly a movie not to be missed by Pirates fans! 

Overall Rating 4.95/5 stars--yes I need to take off some points for a bit of the confusion I had with Salazar's curse! It didn't make sense to me! But as you can see it was still a pretty amazing movie!


  1. I saw this over the weekend too and loved it! I really hope we get another one! We need it!

  2. I actually really didn't like this one. Haha. I'm just tired of rando new characters and Jack Sparrow's character has become stagnant.

    I was confused by the curse too! And what was that end-credits scene about?


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