Oct 18, 2019

TV Review--Are You Afraid of the Dark? Part 2

Holy freaking wow! This show just got freakier because holy freaking crap! This second part wasn't at all middle syndrome! While things were still a little muddied, it really felt like we were getting to the bigger mystery and that mystery just got a whole lot weirder because omg, what just happened?!

Needless to say that this one had me really hooked and can we say kudos to more added nostalgia? There was a part where one of the Midnight Society crew mentioned an "older" boy who was in the Midnight Society and was the one to welcome him in and all...pretty sure it had to be the original founder, Gary! Which oh the feels!!!

So Rachel and her tentative friends decide to go to the Carnival of Doom--which by the way, even if you didn't hear Rachel's super eerie story about said carnival, why on earth would you want to attend a carnival of doom?! I mean it hits on the creepy factor and the overly cheesy factor if you're not superstitious or a believer of such things. Anyway, they go there in hopes of finding their missing classmate, Adam. And of course this carnival is SUPER creepy, I mean the clowns alone will give me nightmares because they were not the silly looking clowns, they were the terrifying sort!

This carnival was seriously one of nightmares...I mean who rides a "Tunnel of Love" and laughs at the fact that skeletons pop up out of the water? I mean really? Really?! It seriously gave me all the feels and chills of the one episode that forever haunts me "Dead Man's Float" because creepy skeletons popping up out the water in the hopes to drown you, just down right terrifies me! Lol.

I feel like we only just brushed the surface of the Carnival of Doom and what it all is. I mean, besides a terrifying carnival. We're given a glimpse of things that make you see things that only lead to more questions. Definitely can't wait for next week when the finale airs!

The ending was even more chilling as there were some pretty shocking twists that I honestly didn't foresee. I mean, I thought I was doing pretty well with guessing what was happening with this mini series, but I've been totally off the rocker with this part! This grand finale is going to be epic!

There are still some things I don't quite get though. Little things that happened in the first episode that haven't been examined yet. Though there was one weird moment at the carnival that has me wondering WTF...because it gets pretty heavy in a sense. I will say that this part of the series did feel shorter than the first. More commercial breaks and all, guess because they know they've got you hooked.

I have to give Nickelodeon props on this one! For a revival/reboot of one of my favorite shows as a kid, they are doing an exceedingly amazing job with this one! There's nostalgia and nods to the original show and yet the story is still fresh and creepy and feels reminiscent of its founder's stories. I'm really wanting to watch the original series again now!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

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