Oct 25, 2019

TV Review--Are You Afraid of the Dark? Part 3

All right kids! It was finale night! The epic conclusion to the new Midnight Society crew and their plight of dealing with the villainous Mr. Top Hat.

This was an interesting episode...if a bit rushed, because 60 minutes, plus commercials...yeah, it's hard to provide concrete answers. The episode opened up with some muddled history on who Mr. Top Hat was. Though I feel like there's still a lot of questions like WTF?! What was the point of him traveling everywhere? Why kidnap children? I mean seriously. What is with the kidnapping?

We learn about Rachel's connection to him and why there was such a connection. I mean that answer literally comes at the tail end, but you know they still have their "destiny" connection.

I also felt like the ending got wrapped up a little too easily. I mean I get it, it's a 1 hour special with multiple commercial interruptions. So it's what 40 minutes? Maybe 35? So you got a lot of pushing and rushing of things that don't get to have answers.

I did like the continued nods to the original series though. Little things here and there. It just had me grinning like an old fool! Lol. And I guess like its predecessor there were some hokey moments in this one too. Like Rachel and Gavin...reminds me of Gary and Sam!

Of course in this episode we had that super spooky treading through water and having creepy ghost like dudes grabbing Rachel's friends! Totally freaky! I mean, I would never want to trudge through chest deep water and where did this water come from when they had entered some sort of carnival attraction? It was weird.

Despite a few things that were basically ignored when it came to the mysteries and unanswered questions, this was still a fun episode and decent ending all in all. The main points were answered and just as I was wondering things in the last ten minutes or so, the answer came along, so that was good!

All in all this was a really fun reboot of one of my favorite shows as a kid! And yes, I am totally opening up separate tabs trying to see if Amazon is selling the original show on DVD. So far, I'm only seeing 5/7 seasons on separate DVDs. From what I can tell on IMDB the first 5 seasons are what I remember and the last two were with the new crew...the ones that brought friggin couches into the woods! I mean really, you think the critters and SNAKES are going to leave YOUR couches alone? Plus it rains and snows eventually, I don't think you want all that upholstery getting wet! But that's a debate for another time!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars

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  1. I want to watch this so bad! I definitely need to find a way to see it, although I don't have cable so I'm not quite sure how.


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