Jul 31, 2020

Book Blogger Hop

This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict!
This week's question is: If you haven't read a book in awhile and someone asks about a character or the plot, can you recall the details? (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews
MY ANSWER: Well, I can honestly say it depends. It depends on how much I enjoyed the book. How long ago did I read the book, that kind of thing. And these days, it would honestly have to be limited to the main characters. There are some trilogies that I binge read so I can barely remember them. Sadly, some of those are reallllllly popular. I enjoyed them...but I binged them and have read hundreds of books since then...so yeah...my memory recall kind of sucks!
So short answer...it just really depends! Lol.

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