Jul 23, 2020

Random Thursday

Today's segment of Weird but True by Leslie Gilbert Elman can be categorized as total potpourri because omg I see no rhyme or reason to these factoids. Sure a few in the middle were of the same subject, but before and after? Whew boy! Lol!

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The most widely spoken language on Earth is Mandarin Chinese. Followed by Spanish, then English, Arabic in all its forms, and then Hindi.

Whoa. 3rd place. Did not see that one coming!

(image borrowed from Britannica)
The Republic Kosovo has no one common language. Many languages are spoken in this country, such as Albanian, Serbian, Turkish, Roma, and Bosniak. Because of this Kosovo's national anthem has no lyrics because they didn't want to give preference to one language over another.

That's interesting...so I guess it's just instrumental?

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 In Spain, their national anthem "La Marcha Real" has no official lyrics. There have been many attempts at introducing some though, even as recently as 2008.

Again, this little book was published in 2010, so 2008 was "recentish" at this time.

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 An earworm is a repetitive, catchy song or music piece that gets stuck in your head and doesn't leave. Listening to another song or playing the earworm song to the end in order to get it out of your head don't generally work and can even make the situation worse.

FUN FACT: Earworms are usually always songs or jingles with lyrics.

I present the fish that sings that stupid little song that goes Bring Me Back that Filet o Fish, Bring Me that Fish! Or something like that! Lol. 

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Beware drinking water! Guinea worms can enter the human body through drinking water when they're tiny larvae that grow almost immediately. They burrow into the intestines and wind its way throughout the human body until they measure around 3 feet. The host is unaware of the worm growing until the creature almost bursts through their skin. The only way to have the worm removed is for it to be slowly pulled out. It must be done so carefully and slowly, that it can take months to remove it completely.

EWWWW!! When I read this my mind immediately jumped to that scene in Alien...which I think I watched once...in a class, so not by choice! Lol. But I've seen it in parodies enough to catch its meaning! I'd also assume they mean contaminated drinking water, because if not, I'm never taking a sip of water ever again!


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