Jul 24, 2021

It's Only a Game Book Tag


So I totally forgot what I was looking up. Something Caraval related naturally and I stumbled upon this book tag that I somehow missed in 2019 leading into the release of Finale! But I thought I'd still do it anyway and skip the last question that asks for your hopes for Finale...which I obviously have none since I've read it already! Lol!

So here we go...

This tag was created by Jessica @ BookedJ and I discovered it at ReadbyDev.

The Rules:

1. Tag anyone you think would enjoy this tag--I tag anyone who wants to do this tag post-Finale! ;)
2. Link back to BookedJ
3. If you are tagged by someone else, link back to their blog
4. Remember it's only a game


Performer, Participant, or Watcher?


I think I'd like to be a performer! I don't think I'd be quick enough to be much of a participant, but I'd love to be one of the performers you're not sure is really a performer or participant! Lol.


Which of the Fates Would You Rather Not Want to Cross Paths With? Which Would You Want to Cross Paths With? Why?

If memory serves, the Handmaidens were pretty terrifying! I would not want to run into them!

Jacks of course! If only because I'd know what to expect from him...lol.

The Luckless Coin--Do You Believe in Bad Omens?

Yes! There are days where I feel like I might have a hidden luckless coin on me somewhere! Other days I think I might have ditched it. Lol. But honestly, yes, I believe in bad omens...and good omens too.

The Sisters--Which One Do You See Yourself In the Most? Do You Find it Difficult Knowing When to Walk Away From Something? AND/OR Do You Have a Sister or Friend Who You'd Love Or Protect Like They Do Each Other?

Honestly, I'd say I have a bit of both sisters in me. But I feel more like a Tella with being a bit bold and daring! Though maybe not so much with her interactions with Jacks, but definitely with Dante! Lol! I do have a sister that I would do whatever possible to protect her. And I've a few close blogger friends I'd do the same for! Really any of my family and friends!

The closest you'll ever find to magic in this world...What is the Closest to Magic in this World for You?

(image borrowed from Conde Nast Traveler)

Disney World of course!

No longer dull shades of bland, the dress was now a rich cerise… If You Were to Put on an Enchanted Item of Clothing, What Color Would it Become?

Purple...or maybe black. Depends on what kind of clothing item we're talking about. Lol.

Wishes were things of wonder that took a certain amount of faith and Julian seemed the type to trust only what he saw… Do You Believe in the Impossible? Or Are You a Skeptic?


I'd say I'm a believer. Though I wouldn't automatically trust something at face value, but I am a believer deep down.



Impractical dreams and untethered imagination… What Was Something You Fiercely Believed in as a Child?


(image borrowed from Pinterest)

Santa of course!

The Characters—Who’s Your Favorite in the Caraval Series?


Tella. Without a doubt Tella!



Truth or Adventure? How Would You Play the Game? Are You a Seeker of Truth or Breathless Adrenaline? 


(image borrowed from Etsy)

I definitely want an adventure!

Give Away a Day of Your Life, or Sleep? Which Would You Rather Give Up? Or Are You Unwilling to Sacrifice Either?

If I give up sleep would my body no longer require it? Because I'd totally give up sleep and still be able to function! I wouldn't have a TBR pile after a year or two! That would be AMAZING!!

Hopeful and magical… Scarlett Loves the Color Gold Because It Feels Hopeful and Magical. What Gives You Hope?


Hmm...I guess I would say books and the stories within them.



The Words—What is Your Favorite Quote From Caraval?


Hope is a powerful thing. Some say it's a different breed of magic altogether.

Safe and guarded… What is Your Happy Place? Is It a Person? A Place? Something Nestled Away in Fiction?


It's truly being lost in a good book! Any good book! I'm in my own kind of zone when I'm reading and it's a place I love to be.



 Two halves of the same heart… Do You Ship Anything in Caraval? If So, Who? If Not, Pick Any Relationship from Any Fandom.


I shipped Tella and Legend and I even shipped Tella and Scarlett and their sisterly bond!



 The bad and the morally gray… What is Your Favorite Archetype When it Comes to the Characters of Caraval? Who Do You Think Fits the Title of “Villain” Best of All? Is There One?



This series had a lot of characters who were self-serving and could be deemed "villainous." Jacks was a complicated villain, so I'd say in this first trilogy he was my favorite because of his complexity.



Would the Game Bring Out the Most Selfish or Selfless Parts of You? Whether You’re a Performer or Participant or Watcher. 

I would probably say selfless. I don't really have it in me to be totally selfish having been hurt by selfish people. As a performer I'd probably want to help steer people in the right direction...even if I made it complicated. Lol.

Spells cast aren’t easily shaken off… What Books Have Been Nearly Impossible for You to Shake Off Or Forget Through the Years?


Demon in My View and Old Magic have made a lot of favorites lists over the years. Really the list of books that have stayed with me in my heart and mind is pretty long, so I'm sticking to my most used classics. And Caraval of course as it's the more recent series that has stuck with me. Including the latest Once Upon a Broken Heart!


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