Jul 22, 2021

Random Thursday


Let's dive further into pop culture and learned more bizarre facts from Shane Carley's True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Did you know that more tickets were sold to see Gone With the Wind than people living in America? In 1939, America's population was just at 130 million, yet over 200 million tickets were sold to see the movie.

Guess it was so good people saw it twice? But it was also suuuuper long, so like did they buy a ticket to see the parts where they fell asleep before? Lol.

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Other actors like Kurt Russell, Robert Englund, and Sylvester Stallone were among ones to audition for Han Solo in Star Wars.

I mean, this is a recent picture of Kurt Russell, in his younger days he was pretty hot! He would've been a damn fine Han Solo...though I still only ever seen that character from scene grabs!

(image borrowed from Wookieepedia)

David Prowse played Darth Vadar in the original Star Wars trilogy. He didn't know at the time that his voice wouldn't be used for the character. Technical issues led his voice to be unusable. So instead of having the actor flown back over to record a handful of lines, George Lucas used local actor, James Earl Jones.

Interesting. I knew James Earl Jones was the "voice" of Darth Vadar, but guess I never realized he wasn't actually Darth Vadar. Again, I never saw these movies. 

(image borrowed from Maine Gov)

Did you know that Maine is a popular state for fictional murders? Examples include the fictional town of Derry from Stephen King, plus other books of his and you have Cabot Cove, the setting of Murder, She Wrote.

Note to self, don't move to Maine.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

John Cage created a musical piece called, As Slow As Possible. It was designed to be played over the course of 639 years. In Halberstadt, Germany a performance of this piece started in 2001 on a specifically designed organ. It will not conclude until 2640.


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