Jul 21, 2021

Let's Discuss: Technology Rant


So I was finally getting my photo taking done for bookstagram posts. I took a variety of Caraval pics because seriously! Lol. But then when I went to upload and edit my pics I found Microsoft was not cooperating. AT. ALL.


Technology Rant


I am not super tech savvy. I know your basic things and that's about it. So when after how many years now of doing bookstagram and uploading and editing pictures on my computer before I upload them to Instagram, the software I use glitches on me! I edit the picture, crop it to perfection, hit that save button to move onto the next...only for Microsoft to save a copy of the original and not the edits! After multiple attempts to get it to just what it is SUPPOSED to, I go to Google for answers...and find none.

Yes there are issues going on but all the posted solutions did NOTHING to help me. I tried to restore my computer to a previous date since I just updated things on Friday and thought maybe that was the glitch, but oh no. My computer told me I haven't done an update in 10+ days!! What the criminey?

The only fix I was able to uncover was by accident. I kept suckily cropping and editing and then at the last second switch it to be what I need and check to see if saving is "allowed." Luckily one picture I didn't like and the other that I struggled to crop, I had 3 different versions of from close up to not close up by micrometers and was able to get one to cooperate.

But ugggh!!! It's days like Sunday (as I saved this post for when I needed an extra post up on my blog, lol) where I just HATE technology! I tried to find answers and my problem decided the solutions given would not be the solution it took! I still couldn't even restore my computer prior to Friday's update that I updated that it said never happened. It happened. I had to restart my computer twice to make sure ALL the updates took.

So yeah. I'm in a grouchy mood right now...or on Sunday. Though depending when this goes up, I could be having another bad day at work while you read this. So who knows. Lol.

Is technology your friend or your enemy? I feel like most days we get along with each other but Sunday we were mortal enemies.

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