Jul 2, 2021

Challenges Monthly Wrap-up: June

CHALLENGE 1: 2021 New Release Challenge

Capture the Crown by Jennifer Estep (7/6/21)
The City of Zirdai by Maria V. Snyder (5/12/21)

Only 2 new releases this month? I though it was more...oh well! This challenge is already completed! Lol!

CHALLENGE 2: Beat the Backlist 2021 Reading Challenge

The Odd Sisters by Serena Valentino (7/2/19)
Dreaming Darkly by Caitlin Kittredge (4/9/19)
From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout (3/29/20)

I've read 3 more TBR books almost finished with another so I'm right at 16 going on 17 right now! Looking good to finishing this challenge this year! Lol.

CHALLENGE 3: 2021 Series Enders Reading Challenge

Sadly none, but this one was already surpassed my original and then upped goal!

CHALLENGE 4: 2021 Discussion Challenge

2021 Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

Still have 10 discussions to go! I use to see lots of fun tags back in the day that I would do all the time. I don't see those anymore and I'm not so good at making one myself! Lol.

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