Sep 28, 2010

Review--Alpha by Rachel Vincent (Book 13 in Reading Challenge)


The unscrupulous new Council chair has charged Jace, Marc, and me with trespassing, kidnapping, murder and treason. Yeah, we've been busy. But now it's time to take justice into our own hands. We must avenge my brother's death and carve out the rot at the heart of the council.

It's not going to be easy, and loss seems unavoidable, but I have promised to protect my Pride, no matter what. With a target on my back and Marc at my side, I'm heading for a final showdown that can--that will--change everything forever. A showdown I'm not sure I'm ready for.

But life never waits until you're ready.

So I had to take a break from reading Crusade when I got a copy of Alpha by Rachel Vincent. It's the final book in her shifters series and it's so weird to think that time for Faythe has only been less than a year and for us readers, it's been about 3 I believe.

Faythe has seriously grown as a character, she has become a strong heroine throughout the book. She has had more than her fair share of suffering and Alpha doesn't let up on it just because it's the end. Faythe is going to have to go through more hoops than ever and overcome more obstacles than ever.

The action picks up right at Chapter 1, which I read not too long ago as a sneak peek. And boy was the rest of the novel extraordinary! I can't talk much about it, because even revealing characters seems spoilerish.

But there is a lot of action in this book! It never stops, it was great! There were times when I screamed, laughed, cried, screamed again--and not all the screams were bad ones either! There were definitely a lot of emotions being tugged with this book and some of my "predictions" I made came true in some way or another.

Like I said before, it's hard to talk about how awesome this book was without giving something away or steering you into a direction for a spoiler. So I have to leave this review to be short. Basically, if you've read any of the books before this, you already know you'll be reading it and I hope you find it to be just as awesome as I did.

The book basically deals with the upcoming battle that we know has been coming for a long time running now. There are challenges and obstacles and a whole lot of other turmoil that must be overcome before there can be any kind of ending. The tension runs extremely thick in this one because at every turn you are left wondering, what will happen next?

If you haven't read the Shifters series yet, it is a definite must! My stores shelve it in Romance, and it did throw me off for a bit when I decided to pick up book 1, but it was the best decision ever! The series is not paranormal romance, not every book has a HEA. Since this is the finale of the series there is an HEA, because it is truly the end and deserves a HEA. Now whether the fans from the Pride are all happy, that's another story! The series has quite a bit of action, mystery, some romance--like 1 scene per book, plus a lot of romantic tension and buildup. Faythe has sass and wit and quite a mouth on her, but I love her for it, even if she does drive me crazy sometimes with the choices she makes!

Overall I give the book 5/5 stars! It was truly wonderful and the ending was great too. I am sad to see the series end, but the ending was done superbly! AWESOME job, Rachel!!

This was my 13th book in the September Spectacular Reading Challenge.

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  1. Also participating in the September spectacular Reading Challenge, I thought I'd stop by and say hello. A great review, this sounds like one to be added to my wish list, thanks for your recommendation.


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