Feb 17, 2011

2X the Bones!

**This is a somewhat rambling post, skip on down to the Nit and Gritty* for the straight facts** 

*Aware of the somewhat cheesy-ness of that title as well!

Okay, I might be a little slow on the uptake here--really I can't remember hearing about this bit of info, maybe it distantly rings a bell, but it was obviously from too long ago.

Case in point--there's going to be 2 Night Huntress Books this year!! This Side of the Grave comes out next week obviously, but when trying to do a book search for something, I came across the next one, One Grave at a Time

Obviously there isn't a lot of info on it since it's still mega early, but I thought, hey a title and a release date is awesome enough! The release date I'm a little unsure of since Borders and Amazon have different dates, but about a month. Whatever. And I really don't blame this on their financial trouble either, because really any time of year different book websites have different release info.

So I'm going with Amazon's date since it is earlier! Amazon says this one releases August 30, 2011. Borders said September 27, 2011

That means we get 2X the Bones this year!!! Oh yeah!


One Grave at a Time (Book 6 in the Night Huntress series) Releases August 30, 2011 (or September 27, 2011 according to Borders)


  1. Okay Jess you just made my day, 2 Cat and Bones books sounds like a mega winner to me!

  2. I did NOT know about this!!!! AMAZING NEWS!!!! Thanks! =D


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