Feb 15, 2011


Today Shannon Delany's Secrets and Shadows releases!! I'm reading it now, had a bit of headache yesterday so didn't get too far around 1/2 way. Should finish it today!

This is an exciting new series that has captivated me from the first book, 13 to Life. I really-really don't know why because I haven't really talked with anyone who shares my same passion! People have liked it, but not LOVED it like I did/do!

Things are very intense for Jessie right now and I'm already developing several theories on certain characters because things just don't add up! Will talk more in my review.

And the really really GREAT news? Bargains and Betrayals also releases THIS year!! It releases August 16, 2011. So six months and one day to go!!! Sooooo cannot wait and I'm not even finish with Secrets and Shadows as of yet!

Here's the cover:


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