Feb 25, 2011

Cover Art--Victoria Laurie

I was thinking of doing some preordering shopping at Amazon since I have a gift card to use and I saw the cover art--so it could just be potential--for Victoria Laurie's next Psychic Eye mystery, Vision Impossible! And this time around the book will be a hardcover. Kind of bummer moneywise, but no way am I waiting longer to get back to Abby!

Abby Cooper's next mission may truly be impossible...

Abby Cooper, the FBI's newest Civilian Profiler, is adding Spy to her resume. The military's digital photography software that captures one's aura- just like Abby can-sits in a drone aircraft that's been stolen. It's a major breach in security as every country's leader can be identified by their aura...

Abby springs into action to stop the criminals before they set their diabolical plan into motion, while making herself a prime target. 

Vision Impossible releases July 5, 2011


  1. cute cover! i have yet to read this series though...

  2. How did I almost forget about Riley's super awesome brother, Rhoan!

    He is sooooo adorable, and hot!

    And I have never heard of What's a Ghoul to do. Gonna have to check that out. Thanks!


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