Feb 8, 2011

Cover Art--Richelle Mead

Here is the cover for Richelle's Bloodlines! The Vampire Academy spinoff!! So can't wait til August 23rd!

Here's a link to the EW article regarding the series and there's a little Youtube video as well that I couldn't get to download onto my blog.


  1. I'm not going to lie... I am not really a fan of the cover. And the book is taking place in a high school? How is that supposed to work?!? I thought that it was being told from Eddie, Sydney, Adrian, and Jill's POVs. And I would have for sure thought that Sydney would have went to a super secret Alchemist school- all in all I am pretty excited for it.

  2. hmmmmm Im with Avery on the cover... not my favorite =/

    But Im def excited! =D


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