Feb 3, 2011

Review--Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead

Georgina Kincaid has formidable powers. Immortality, seduction, shape-shifting into any human form she desires, walking in heels that would cripple mere mortals-all child's play to a succubus like her.

Helping to plan her ex-boyfriend's wedding is a different story. Georgina isn't sure which is worse-that Seth is marrying another woman, or that Georgina has to run all over Seattle trying on bridesmaid dresses. Still, there are distractions. Georgina's roommate, Roman, is cluttering her apartment with sexual tension. Then there's Simone, the new succubus in town, who's intent on corrupting Seth.

But the real danger lies in the mysterious force that's visiting her thoughts, trying to draw her into a dark, otherworldly realm. Sooner or later, Georgina knows she'll be too weak to resist. And when that happens, she'll discover who she can trust, who she can't-and that Hell is far from the worst place to spend eternity...

Well I am now officially caught up on the Georgina Kincaid series and begin the agonizing wait til Succubus Revealed! Succubus Shadows definitely left me wanting more.

I will say that even though I liked this book, it wasn't a real fave. Georgina is now trying to get adjusted to Seth being engaged to Maddie and helping Maddie with preparations for the wedding. Not fun. Plus there is now another succubus on the block, Tawny is off in another area now, but Georgina definitely doesn't like this one at all. Especially since she has set her sights on Seth.

Besides dealing with that, and having Roman as her roommate, who is a very intolerable roommate considering they used to date and he tried to kill her--Fun times!--Georgina has been having strange dreams...again. Except this time its not so much as dreaming as hearing voices and losing track of time. And then suddenly Georgina is kidnapped and sent into her own Hell from the recesses of her mind.

This is where I thought the book slowed down, as a generous portion is shown through Georgina's memories. Seeing things from the past and seeing things from the present. The trouble is she doesn't know what is truth and what are lies. And there is nothing she can do to escape this hell, she will have to rely on the people she trusts most.

The last quarter of the book was a little interesting as well as there is a bit more development in the plot, mostly adding new problems for Georgina and naturally there isn't enough time to solve it all. The ending was troubling. It wasn't a devastating cliffhanger, but it does leave me with a lot to ponder over while I'm waiting til August 30th.

I honestly have to say that this probably wasn't my fave from the series. It wasn't dreadful, it's just the majority of the book was in Georgina's memories and it was hard to know what was real. So I have to give this one a 3.5/5 stars. Definitely a good read and worth reading if you are thinking of starting this series, because obviously there is a lot that happened in the lats quarter of the book that remains unsolved and I have a few theories on this and that. And Georgina's dream comes back into play again and the man is revealed to her finally, but again it's hard to discern fact from fiction.

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