Jul 16, 2011

Meg Cabot Signing!

Last night I went to the Meg Cabot signing that was happening at my library! Yea for lesser travels!! Was super excited. 

Meg has tons and tons of books! My all time fave was her Mediator series! I even have the ancient copies of the first four books when she wrote under the name Jenny Carroll! And the black hardcover for Haunted--book 5 which had a different look than the previous four and the hardcover for book 6 which again had a new look which is the current one!

Also of course I had her newest releases in her adult vampire series. Vampires there don't sparkle at all and are pure evil!

Meg was really fun to listen to. She had a powerpoint presentation and it was really good! She was funny in her explaining of things and talked about her writing career, how she got there and all. Very inspiring. She too got lots of rejections--like all authors--so I'm not feeling too let down. And a good chunk of her rejections were coming from publishers too.

I was able to get all my books signed, which was super cool since I had 10! Even got some personalized, not all which isn't a biggie! I just love having them signed. It's an extra special feeling for me. I never intend on selling them on ebay or whatever. I think sometimes people do do that when they attend signings. But usually not a lot. And there was quite the crowd too! Her wide range of books brought in a wide range of readers!

Can only imagine the kind of crowd Maggie Stiefvater's going to bring!

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  1. OMG that is the cutest photo I have ever seen. I love Meg Cabot - her blog is so awesome - so jealous that you got to meet her.


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