Jul 7, 2011

Random Thursday

So I got to thinking about how I have a weekly memes for nearly every day of the week, except Thursday. I've seen a few "Hops" here and there, but nothing I felt like joining in on. Basically because I couldn't always think of an idea or whatever. 

So I just started thinking of what I could do and then thought I would post a "random thought" or fact. Not sure if a hop like this exists or whatever, but thought hey, why not? I like random mindless facts or whatever. And I have a few in my "quiver of knowledge"--something a professor of mine use to say! Basically what I'll do is post 1 random fact or thought or whatever you want to call it.

If you feel like joining in with your own random thought or fact feel free to leave one in the comments! I'm not really looking to make up my own hop where people travel or hop about, I just felt like having my own fun Thursday meme.

This week's random fact...

One of my fave movies is Jaws! I practically grew up watching this. Seen it a million times if not more! Watched documentaries on it too, and boy did Steven have a helluva time making this movie! He was a young new director at the time and this movie was either going to make or break his budding career.

Needless to say he didn't work on the sequels!

My first Random Thursday is going to break my own rule, I'll share more than 1 fact from this movie just because I love it so. And most of this stuff might be common knowledge to some, but maybe not to others.

Did you know that...

The mechanical sharks, for there was more than 1, they even found another one in a junk yard earlier this year, was nicknamed Bruce for Steven's agent at the time.

Because Bruce had so many problems filming took longer than expected, like 2 months longer. And when Bruce wouldn't cooperate they even used real life footage of sharks--when Hooper was in the shark cage--to take the place of the killer shark.

Peter Benchley, the writer of the novel, starred in the movie as a television reporter.

In seasons 1-4 of Psych there's at least 1 episode where a Jaws reference is made! (Would have to rewatch season 5 to see if it was there, don't recall one though...)

Roy Scheider's famous line--and my fave part--"You're gonna need a bigger boat" was the work of improvising. I can't remember what his original line was supposed to be, but what came out was the most famous lines of the movie and became well known!

There have been rumors of a Jaws 5 lately or a possible remake, but the rumors have been around for awhile and as far as I know they have no merit. Honestly I don't think a remake of Jaws could live up to the original and the sequels weren't faves of mine either. The original is truly the best!

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  1. Such a great movie! I agree, the sequels weren't up to the original, but I do remember seeing Jaws 3-D at the theatres and being absolutely amazed by the exploding shark bits flying by my face. :)


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