Jul 25, 2011

Review--Heartless by Gail Carriger

Lady Alexia Maccon, soulless, is at it again, only this time the trouble is not her fault. When a mad ghost threatens the queen, Alexia is on the case, following a trail that leads her deep into her husband's past. Top that off with a sister who has joined the suffragette movement (shocking!), Madame Lefoux's latest mechanical invention, and a plague of zombie porcupines and Alexia barely has time to remember she happens to be eight months pregnant.

Will Alexia manage to determine who is trying to kill Queen Victoria before it is too late? Is it the vampires again or is there a traitor lurking about in wolf's clothing? And what, exactly, has taken up residence in Lord Akeldama's second best closet?

Gail Carriger's Heartless takes us right back into the thick of things with Alexia and her chaotic life! She is in fact eight months pregnant with the infant-inconvenience as she names it and is having a trying time trying to solve mysteries and helping out poor Biffy the reluctant werewolf (bonus points if you can guess where I snagged that title!)!

Alexia has a lot on her plate, dealing with supernaturals wanting to kill her because of her unborn child and what it might be, trying to figure out who has an out for the queen, and dealing with her crazy sister, it's shocking that's she able to maintain her sanity at all! But alas she does!

Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series is by far one of my most fave steampunk series. It was my first one and I just fell in love with it! Alexia is a very witty character! What made me a little bonkers was the fact that she is strong female heroine of her time and yet she was against the women's suffrage movement, it was just mindboggling!

The pacing was done rather well as we follow Alexia around as she tries to figure out who is trying to kill the queen and the answer is even more shocking than I imagined! I love the characters in this series from Alexia and her smart-mouth wit, to Lord Akeldama's flamboyant attitude to even Conall and his werewolf tendencies! He's a brute at times but a lovable brute!

The ending was surprising as well, although some of it I predicted in a vague sense, but it still wraps things up nicely and leaves you wondering what kind of trouble Alexia will be getting into next!

If you're wanting to get into the steampunk genre but are having a hard time, you should definitely give the Parasol Protectorate series a try for it is definitely one of my faves! Click here if you want to read my review of Soulless.

Overall rating 5/5 stars

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  1. I am reading this now!!! I love Gail's writing and humour.

    Michelle A


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