Jul 14, 2011

Random Thursday

Did you know...

OMFG! Disney geek that I am, I own the Little Mermaid DVD, one of my faves! A special feature was The Little Mermaid ride-that-almost-was!

While channel surfing I came across Disney Channel doing a quick 1-2 minute segment on the actual RIDE! I flipped out!! I was soooo psyched! Has anyone ever checked out the special features on the DVD and seen the ride?! I loved it! Watched it a few times. But now it's real!!

Sorry about my over enthusiasm, I am a huge Disney fan as you might know!! Got to "ride" the ride with the people being interviewed and it looks like the "ride" on the DVD!!
I soooo need to get me to Disneyland! Never been there, but now I have more reason to go!

Might try talking my mom into going to DisneyLAND instead of Disney World when my niece gets old enough. Hopefully that will all pan out! Gotta wait a few more years though. Sigh....guess I'll be watching the DVD "ride" for awhile.


  1. The Little Mermaid is my absolute favorite Disney movie too!

  2. I love the little mermaid! That is so cool that there actually is a ride. I've been to Disney World but never Disneyland. And I've really never wanted to go...but it sounds so awesome!

  3. I didn't know this was a ride too. We used to live in an apartment near Disneyland years ago (could see the Matterhorn from our apartment window). Now we're in Texas and it's probably equal distance to Disneyland and Disneyworld.


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