Jul 28, 2011

Random Thursday

Do you remember Beanie Babies?

Sure they're still around but there is no longer a Beanie Baby madness about them! I did fall victim to the lure of Beanie Babies. I was a kid and thought they were cool. I remember scanning all the different Hallmark stores looking for ones I didn't have! And they just kept getting more and more!

Let's not even get started on the Teenie Beanie Madness at McDonald's! That was freaky crazy!

But does anyone remember this guy:

He was The End bear. Originally, I believe at least, it was thought that he was supposed to be the end of the Beanie Babies. Of course that wasn't anywhere close to the truth. But a closer inspection sees that he was a 1999 bear, so maybe it was just The End of the 20th Century.

Anyway, just wanted to share that little tidbit. That we thought the Beanie Babies came to an end at 1999, possibly, but really lasted another few years.

I think its Webkins or something that sounds like that is now the "NEW" Beanie Baby. Of course those are more pricey than what Beanie Babies went for!


  1. I still have many of my Beanie Babies LOL

  2. Now, there's one craze I didn't fall victim to. The only BB I had (ok...still have) are two cute monkey ones b/c I obsess over monkeys...so effing cute. I did however, fall victim to the 80's in general. Yeah. Ouch.
    andi novelista

  3. My mom was obsessed with doing the whole beanie baby/teenie beenie baby thing FOR ME. lol She would say it was for me, but really for her.

    I don't remember The End bear. By the time that came out I think even my mom was through with it. lol

    ♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

  4. I sooo remember beanie babies. I worked at a mall kiosk that sold them years ago and boy was the demand high for them then.

  5. Happy Friday Jess! ,,I love those slogans...lol

  6. OK so I love the Buffy shirt... so funny!

  7. LOL! Your shirts rock! Thanks for the follow! Returning the love with a follow!

    Happy Friday!

    My Follow Friday Fun!!!

  8. YES YES YES on the Vampires Don't Sparkle thing. Vampires should (mostly) kill people and drink blood and be staked and be hunted, not...sparkle.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier! Old follower :D

    Happy Friday!
    Book Brats!


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