Jul 19, 2011

What am I Going to Do?

Okay I'm still feeling really down in the dumps about Borders closing forever. Seriously. I've been shopping there forever! Went to Harry Potter midnight parties there. Waited in long lines. Spent hours skimming the shelves, finding new and terrific reads.

Sorry to keep harping on this, but Borders has been where I've done literally all my shopping for books. The times I didn't shop there is practically countable on my fingers. I really have no clue where I can shop now and save money at the same time. Especially on my paperbacks.

And while not totally the same in the lyrics, all day today I've had Where Do We Go From Here from the Buffy the Musical episode playing in my head. Cause really, where will I go from here now that Borders is closed.

Cheesy yes, but still. My store for nearly 10+ years of book shopping is closing its doors on me and I feel so lost. :(


  1. I think the video is very fitting. We've never had a big bookstore here, so I've always ordered mine online. Don't know what you are going through!

  2. I am still bummed we lost our Borders store in Naples and Estero, FL. They were the closest ones to home, had the most reasonable prices on their books, all that good stuff. The only other bookstore near us was Barnes & Noble but I really prefered Borders instead to shop at so I know what you mean about being bummed in hearing and seeing the rest of them closing.

  3. The UK lost all our Borders stores about 18 months ago, and I still get a dull ache when I see where it used to be. It was more than just a shop for me. If meeting my friends, I used to meet them in Borders and we'd browse for ages before getting coffee. I think I left a bit of my heart there - possibly in the fantasy aisle.

  4. I know the feeling. Our family would spend time in the cafe at hours - drinking iced coffee's, checking out the new books, me studying for school, I even bought their bigger rewards membership...and now the last one by us will be closing too. Blergh.

  5. I'm really bummed about Border's too. The one here closed a few months back. I was always getting the most awesome coupons from them *sigh*


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