Jul 21, 2011

Random Thursday

Did you know that there are some Disney movies with Disney character cameos? They're also known as Disney Easter Eggs or some such thing.

Here's a bunch that I remembered that other people apparently caught too:

Others that I recall that aren't here were this:

In the same scene above from The Hunchback of Norte Dame when we see Belle, there's also Aladdin's Magic Carpet and Pumbaa in the left corner from The Lion King.

Also in The Princess and the Frog we see Aladdin's magic lamp when Mama Odie is rifling through all her junk. The lamp goes flying by her pet snake.

Of course there's a lot more "Easter Eggs" and it would take wayyy too many posts for me to go through all of them. And this is just animated Disney movies! There's still all the Pixar Easter Eggs to discuss as well!


  1. wow I have never even noticed that before and I am a huge disney fan! I love disney!

  2. That is seriously cool. I've never heard of these before! Thanks for posting!

  3. I can't wait to get this one. I went to B&N for it Wed night, but felt alienated by the store so left. I've now ordered it from an out of state indie store, so maybe next week I can read it. Great review. I really want to know who doesn't make it to the happy ending.

  4. WHAT?!?

    That is so cool! *Runs off to find her Disney VHS' so that she can analyze them! ;)


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