Nov 12, 2011

I Have a Button!!

As you may know I am not technologically apt. So I don't have a lot of spiffy features on my blog, but now with a HUGE thanks to Livia from Butterfly-o-Meter, I have a blog button!!

Livia was kind enough to design one for me since she knew how and wanted me to have one to add to her blog roll! So now I have blog button!!

align="center"><a href="; title="name" target="_blank"><img src="img address"
 alt="a GREAT read" 

Thank you again Livia! I love it!


  1. It's about time! ;) It's amazing Jess, congrats!

  2. I grabbed it! Isn't Livia the best? :D

  3. Hey, I just tried to add it to my blog, but it doesn't show up.. There's no image address.


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