Nov 17, 2011

Random Thursday

Okay, time for more ranting...

Computer problem is still a problem. Spent hours yesterday talking to someone trying to get my wireless set up, which didn't pan out with any (good) results...except now my laptop is in the shop because it likely has viruses. According to the person I talked to, who had did some virtual thingy to go on my laptop and try to fix my internet problem.

So now not only do I not have internet but I don't even have a laptop! It was a very frustrating day for me. I had to make cookie dough since I don't drink. It helped a bit, but of course now I'm feeling the guilt.

I'm still online with my mom's computer, but it doesn't operate as good as mine. So I may not be commenting as much as I usually do. I'll still be reading the posts, but comments take too long to load on my this computer. Sorry all! Trying to get problem fixed, all of them!

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