Nov 10, 2011

Random Thursday

Time for a little post on my personal life! Today I have a job interview!! This promises to be good, it's through a temp agency and the job is only part-time, but it will look so good on my resume!

It's even what I kinda wanted to do with my degree, being a proofreader. Naturally I would totally prefer to proofread UF novels, but that's a little unlikely to happen!! But still this will help me get my foot in the door to the business world and add some professional experience on my resume.

It's likely that I might get it, but of course nothing is 100% certain yet. I have to talk with the temp agency today and eventually talk with the company that needs to fill the position. Yet I am excited! Not only will I get experience and what not, the job will be 20 hours a week, so I will still have time to blog and stuff. Just probably not read AS much! And I'll be getting a paycheck!!! I'll be able to buy books! Of course I have been doing that but I've been living off my savings fort the past year now. 

But yay! I really hope this works out! I'll of course post any news I get back on my blog! I've been looking for a job ever since I graduated back in May 2010, so I am excited! Even if the job is only temp work!


  1. Fingers crossed! Sounds like a really neat opportunity!

  2. Hoping it all works out.. sprinkle some job lucky dust my way!!



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