Nov 24, 2011

Random Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving all!!

So today I feel like rambling about a few traditions our family has. Nothing truly spectacular!

One thing I like about Thanksgiving, really is the following day...Black Friday! Yes, it's the most dreadful day to shop, but really that's when they're amazing deals! Vampire Diaries season 2, up for $12.00 at Target or $10--I think unless it was $10.99, at Walmart! Normally these things are like $60!

So on this dreadful weekend I try to buy my mom her faves and she tries to get mine! Yeah, nothing really great about that, but I loooooove a good deal, and Black Friday has LOTS of them!

Of course I'm not one of the determined people that camps out. Heck I'm too late for that! Someone in Florida was camped out Monday!! And some people are camping out in my area, at least that's what the news said! I'm not one of those! But I do like to get to the store early. Of course I miss the days when stores opened up like an hour before their normal time. Now it's like 9pm at Toys R Us or 10pm at Walmart! Others open at midnight too! It's insane! I do like to sleep, but if I have to go to get my deals and save some cash, I likely will. I don't mind waiting in lines. I'll be sure to bring my book! ;)

Another more Thanksgiving-like tradition is that I try to find a new dessert for us to try at dinner. This year I'm going with this Mile-High Peanut Butter Pie! Something like that! And my desserts do tend to lean towards the peanut butter and chocolate, because after all Reese's peanut butter cups are the BEST!!

Doesn't it look good?! Yum! 

So what are your plans for tomorrow? Do you have any traditions?


  1. We don´t celebrate thanks giving here obviously :) it is the wrong part of the world but it sure looks like a really nice tradition. the next thing coming up here in sweden is the four sundays of advent. that is the countdown for christmas. and this year it will be 1st ofadvent sunday next week (27th of november) we light a candle at every sunday until christmas. I don´t know maybe you have something similar??

  2. I'm over in the UK so don't celebrate Thanksgiving either. The idea of camping out to go shopping just sounds like a nightmare to me! I hate shopping at the best of times!

    But that pie...
    I'd camp out for a piece of that very yummy looking pie!

    Happy Thanksgiving :)


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