Nov 20, 2011


Sorry for the lateness! I think my internet is finally up and back running!! Yay!! 

More good news is....I got a job!!! It's only part-time, temp work, but it's in my field and you know, I get paid! Money for books!! So my posting and reading will be slightly less but will still do my best to keep up with things!!

Now onto the winners of my 600 followers contest!!

The two winners are PAIGE AND CANDACE!!!

Congrats ladies!! I will be sending you an email shortly! Please respond within 48 hours or else I have to choose a new winner.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Truly appreciate the follower love! I'm getting close to 700 followers, still awhile yet, but once I hit that number there will be another contest!! So tell your friends to stop on by and follow!!


  1. Congratulations for getting the job! Is that the proofreading job you mentioned a little while ago?

    And congrats to Paige and Candace for their winnings :)


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