Nov 3, 2011

Random Thursday

Okay I couldn't find the right picture that I wanted to go with this random post, but I'll explain it!

In the mornings I tend to watch reruns of What I Like about You, and actually I caught this when the show was still airing. Anyways...back when Val was running her bakery, Sugar Babies--and it was a bakery, not the cafe like in the last season, they tended to show the menu behind the register.

It was the drink menu in particular, listing all they had, coffee, teas, soda, water...well if you notice Tap Water (which is at the very bottom of the list) costs $5 for a small and $10 for a large, but if you notice the other drinks they are all cheaper! So yeah, you can pay $10 for a large tap water or like $3.50 for a large sparkling water!!

That was always something I thought was kind of funny. That tap water--usually the thing that's free, costs the most at the bakery.

I used to read this magazine as a kid that pointed out other MOVIE bloopers that had similar mistakes. It was always interesting I thought of the little mistakes that slipped past the film people. But I think this was more of a joke for viewers who are very observant!

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