Mar 30, 2015

ARC Review--Vengeance of the Demon by Diana Rowland

Demon summoner Kara Gillian is on the wrong side of the law, and there's evidence to prove it. Too bad the courts don't accept "fighting demonic forces" as justification for murder and mayhem.

Yet Kara has problems that go way beyond her legal woes. When the enemy demonic lords spur their human accomplices into high gear, master summoner Katashi aggressively pursues their goal to establish a permanent gate between Earth and the demon realm. To hell with the consequences for humanity.

The line between ally and enemy blurs as Kara gathers the remnants of her posse to prevent a devastating demonic incursion, but a shattered trust may cost them the war and put Kara behind bars. With treachery rife, and her loved ones in danger, Kara must call upon the essence of who she truly is in order to rally back from a crushing loss.

And if she can't, the world is going straight to hell.

I received this eARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.

Kara Gillian's story continues in Diana Rowland's Vengeance of the Demon and wow. This series is only 7 books in, and yet soooooo much has happened! Kara has transformed into a completely different person! And again, sooooo much has happened! So much, that I seriously cannot remember it all or remember all the characters. That's probably one of the biggest struggles I had with this book. There was so much name dropping, I couldn't remember who half of them were! And at times, I wasn't sure if they were demon or not, or enemy or not! It was pretty stressful.

Pushing all that aside, it was still a very entertaining and spin gripping story! Although, as I am letting things sink in, I struggle to explain what went on in vague, spoiler-free terms. Some of it I might have missed or recalled wrong, because of all the struggling I did with trying to remember who was who and what was who...and yeah, see that there, I can't even make sense! LOL!

What surprised me the most in this installment was Pellini's role! The cop who was probably one of the biggest asses to Kara while she was on the force, is surprisingly a pretty decent guy! And oohhh how I adored Sammy, his dog! Yeah, my dogs may drive me critically insane, but I still like dogs! Anyway, Pellini ends up having more in common with Kara than we least expected, but not the fullest extent.

Kara works with Pellini, Bryce, Idris and a few others in trying to put the valves around in the city to working order. But Kara is also dealing with a cop hot on her tail wanting to pin her to the disaster of the Farouche incident. Then there's also Jill's baby ready to pop, and Zack suddenly goes AWOL with Ryan, and Kara is still missing on Mzatal as well. So basically, things are chaotic!

Jill's pregnancy is what finally clued me in with the cover art! Took starting the book to remember that detail, but again, I read too much and can't remember everything on call! 

Kara is in quite a pickle in this book! So much damage, and yet, I still find myself with so many questions regarding this series! I adored Ryan and Zack, their demon counterparts included since they are apart of the men. But they were absent in this book and it left me struggling to understand if they are still on Kara's side in the midst of things. I think this is where the character overload gets to me. So many names attached to all these characters, some dual personality like, like Zack and Ryan. Then there are all the demon names and words. There is a glossary in back, but reading as a Kindle ARC, I didn't know until the end and besides that, flipping to reference it every now and then gets tedious.

Overall, the read was good. I liked it, though a lot of things started to get muddied for me. So much has happened since the beginning, I struggle to connect all the dots anymore. I will likely still continue reading the series out of loyalty, because amidst my confusion, there are times I enjoyed things as well.

Overall Rating 3/5 stars

Vengeance of the Demon releases April 7, 2015

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  1. It's too bad things are getting a bit jumbled as this series continues Jessica, but I'm glad you were still able to enjoy this one for the most part! Hopefully things clear up some in the next installment:)


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