Mar 19, 2015

Random Thursday

To continue the Disney factoids!! This is great because just last week I found a slew of more factoids Disney related that will give me a few weeks' worth of RT posts! So I should be covered through May! It depends on how I divvy them up!

This week, I bring to you a small sampling of facts regarding The Princess and the Frog! And how awesome was this original theatrical poster?! I love it! Wish they kept it for the DVD release!

And it's safe to say, the obvious "factoid" doesn't get a mention, because really, it doesn't need mentioning. But at least Disney finally started to diversify itself, we also had Pocahontas and Mulan, but they weren't really "princesses". Can't wait to see Moana though!

  • Tiana is the only Disney princess with dimples--I guess one or two just had A dimple.
  • Alicia Keys auditioned 3 times for the role of Tiana. Beyonce reportedly refused to audition and expected just to be offered the part. 


  1. Really she refused and just wanted the job- what the what?

  2. That theatrical poster looks so gorgeous! Why would they change it?! Hell, I want in my bedroom! Lol!

  3. That's SO pretty! Can't believe they changed it...

  4. I never realized Tiana had dimples! A princess after my own heart! Clearly I have to disneybound as her! :) And Beyonce? Reallly, wow.

    I would have LOVED to hear Alicia Keys sing, but I don't think she would have been able to pull off the southern accent whatsoever.

    I'm super excited for Moana as well. She sounds like such a badass!


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