Mar 9, 2015


Hey all! So two years ago, I was shopping in downtown Cedarburg where my aunt lives. There's a lot of cute little shops in the area and I love it! Anyway, I saw this sign there, and my mom ended up buying it for me for Christmas! Well, then I saw the same sign, plus TONS of others at Anderson's Bookshop!

Turns out the company Sawdust City LLC is located in Wisconsin! And oh wow! It took me awhile to get to the website and then figure out the correct search term to find all these beauties and OMG! I want need them all!

Of course, one sign you have to see by searching for "reading", but the rest can be found when searching for "book". Though a few of those don't really scream book related to me! 

Here are some, oh hell, all of my favorites them. I already have the second one, that says Book Junkie with said pile of books--a laughable TBR pile if I do say so myself!

Sorry for the slight off centering of that last row, it refused to cooperate!

So all but that last one can be found here on this page. And that last one can be found here on this page.

And the best part? There are TONS of colors you can choose for each of these signs! Love the Never Enough BOOKS (because how TRUE is that?) but want it in say...purple? You can personalize the color of the wood AND the text!!! You can also magnify them on the actual website, I know my pics are tiny, but I left them that way to get all of them in the post! ;)

Ohhhh I soooo cannot wait until I can first, find a job, and then hopefully have my own place. There are going to be a LOT of these puppies around!! I especially like Never Enough Books, Books are the Quietest..., Life is Short, Read Fast, Books are a uniquely portable magic...okay, gotta stop here because I am seriously seconds away from typing them all in!

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