Mar 26, 2015

Random Thursday

So moving right along with the Disney factoids, the next movie I have info on is another favorite of mine, Aladdin!

  • Whenever Aladdin lies, you'll notice the feather on his turban falls in his face--I remember this especially after the Whole New World number!
  • Patrick Stewart was originally offered the rile of Jafar, but had to turn it down because he was filming Star Trek: The Next Generation--that would've been weird...but I bet he would've made a great Jafar!
  • Aladdin originally had a mother who was going to appear in the film, but her character was deleted to streamline the story. There was even a song called "Proud of Your Boy" sung by Aladdin about his mother--guess Disney characters are just meant to be motherless.
  • Aladdin was modeled after Tom Cruise, but was originally supposed to be modeled after Michael J. Fox--I remembered the Tom Cruise bit, but not the Michael part!


  1. I can totally see the Tom Cruise part! Loving the random Thursday posts.

  2. funny i dont think he looked like Tom Cruise at all. hmmm well guess i missed that. very interesting tid bit thought.

    Patrick Stewart would have been awesome. hard to see him as evil though.

  3. Interesting, especially the Tom Cruise bit, lol. Thanks for sharing this, I didn't know :)

  4. Cool factoids! I hope Disney would diversify their princesses more & not just give us token representations of select races.

  5. I like this list :)

    I actually know the song Proud of Your Boy really well; Pandora started bringing it up all the time for a while (like, frequently enough that I started to dislike it). The TV show had his mother in a couple of flashback episodes, if I remember correctly. There's one in particular that had a monster snatching children, and Aladdin kept thinking about him and his mom when he was that age. Or something ...

  6. I love your Disney facts! I didn't know any of those! I especially like the feather fact! (:

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog


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