Mar 26, 2015

Follow Friday

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This week's question is: Have you ever been to BEA? If not, what's stopping you? If you have, what was your best experience there? - Suggested by The Paperback Princess

MY ANSWER: Oh I wish I have been!!! But sadly no. What's stopped me in the past was that it's in NY. I don't think I could handle NY on my own. I've tried getting a friend or someone to come with me, but no one ever commits. :(

Of course this year I can't do much of anything because I have no job. But I am hoping to go in 2016, possibly, because it's in Chicago!! I can totally handle Chicago on my own! Though of course I won't turn away a travel buddy!

So if things start to turn around this year--and it's sure taking a hella long time to do so--I might be going to BEA next year! Of course it will also depend on what kind of vacation time I have, because my family is also planning a Florida trip next year! So yeah, lots of "it depends on..." kind of situations for next year, but I am hoping to make it happen!



  1. Do check out my FF:

    Old Follower

  2. I'd love to attend but being in the UK means it's not likely to ever happen for me.... so I live to live vicariously through those who can go :(

    My FFF  - Thea @ Gizzimomo's Book Shelf

  3. i would love to be your travel buddy. I don't like to do anything on my own. I think Chicago would be more affordable too. NY is so so expensive. I haven't been either but I so so so want to go.

  4. I would love to one day go! However, none of my friends are as in love with books as I am, so they wouldn't go. :( I hope you get to go though! Old follower!

    Lizzie @

  5. I haven't been either and would love to go! New follower via GFC, twitter and Instagram.
    Here is my first FF

  6. I haven't been to BEA. It's way too expensive.
    Old follower.
    My FF:

  7. I hope you get to go to BEA, Jessica! I don't like traveling alone, particularly not to another country... Plus, plane flights from Ireland to New York can be really expensive! Have a great weekend, Jessica :)

    Alma @ Journey Through Fiction

  8. Yeah, BEA is on my bucket list, but I don't actually see it happening anytime soon, lol. I did get to go to a Romantic Times convention last year when it was in my area, and that was so incredible just by itself, I can't even imagine what BEA would be like!!

    New twitter and bloglovin' follower :)

  9. I been twice. It's quite the experience. This year is still in NYC but next year it moves to Chicago if that helps your planning. Hope you get there.

  10. Grr...I'm not happy to hear it's moving to Chicago. I could make it to New York by bus. Well, maybe I'll go to Chicago for a vacation some year.

    Old follower!
    My FF!


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