Jul 21, 2015

ARC Review--Lust by Alyssa Rose Ivy

After years of searching Daisy and Owen have finally found each other, only to face the threat of being forced apart. If they are unable to stop Daisy from becoming an Allure, she will forever lose the ability to love.

Desperate to stop the change before time runs out, they must decide what price they are willing to pay to save their love.

*New Adult Paranormal Romance *

I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.

Alyssa Rose Ivy returns to The Allure Chronicles with Lust and things pick up pretty much where we left them in Lure. Daisy and Owen have finally been reunited, but they are learn of the essence that is essentially inside of Daisy from the paste she took that fateful Halloween night. Now Owen and Daisy will do anything possible to stop her change into an Allure and lose all feeling forever.

I love Daisy and Owen! Especially Owen! I love seeing him get his happiness after the fallout of his first real relationship. He's been pretty morose about things ever since then. But with Daisy, he's found what he's been searching for without ever realizing it!

Daisy and Owen make their first stop to New Orleans to see Levi and see if he can provide any help! And from there, we pretty much see the cast of characters from The Crescent Chronicles, Allie, Georgina amongst the faces! It was great! And exciting too, because we have an unknown time limit to get Daisy back to normal.

It's not long before Violet and Hugh show up claiming they want to help Daisy too. Violet knows of a way to get the transition to stop and be removed. It will involve yet another journey to the fae realm, and wouldn't you know it, that's in Charleston, South Carolina! I loved seeing these places I so recently visited! The magical doorway is actually in the Angel Tree, which is basically this really, really, HUGE tree! It was beautiful! Though taking pictures that day was hard due to all the rain.

I was anxious to see where this long quest would take Daisy and Owen and they actually make it through the fae world and up to the council, for lack of a better term. The end results though, those I never saw coming!! Talk about WOW! I swear, Alyssa ends each of her books with you wanting more! Now I have cliffhanger hangovers from this series, The Dire Wolves Chronicles, and of course, The Forged Chronicles, and let's not forget The Empire Chronicles which concluded Casey and Toby's story, but continues Jared and Vera's! I'm all over the map with her Paranormal NA series!! And they're all still ongoing at the moment and all had ended with a cliffhanger of some variety! 

If you haven't read Alyssa's books yet, I cannot urge you enough to go and read them now! While the majority take place in The Crescent Chronicles world, you can read any which one you want first, but there will be some spoilers about the previous couple and where they are in their HEA ending. And it's pretty much a given that there are HEA endings with these series, it just might take the three books to get us there! Now I must go back to my least favorite task; waiting.

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


  1. I enjoyed Lure and Lust sounds great!! Since there's a cliffhanger, I think I might hold off on this one until the final book releases.

    I want to read Jared's story but I'm not all that interested in Toby :S Their stories intertwine right?

  2. I love this author!!! The whole Pteron world is so fun! I'm glad you liked this installment! <3


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