Jul 7, 2015

Mini Review--Forsaken by S.J. Harper

Join Agents Emma Monroe and Zack Armstrong.
She protected him. He loved her.
They can trust one another with their lives, but what about their hearts?

Special Agent Emma Monroe is a Fallen Siren seeking redemption. Thousands of years ago, she was banished from Mount Olympus by Zeus and cursed by Demeter for failing to prevent the kidnapping of Persephone by Hades. Now she’s working for the FBI, seeking salvation while searching for and finding the missing. Her partner, Zack Armstrong, is a werewolf with a grievance of his own.

The former Black Ops sniper who once carried out a string of questionable assignments is atoning for his past. Ironically, Zack’s just discovered an important piece of his past has been magically wiped from his memory—an affair with Emma. It doesn’t matter she used the spell to save his life, that’s something he’ll never know. With trust eroded and love overshadowed by betrayal the only thing holding them together is the job.

When the son of multi-billionaire Roger Maitlan is kidnapped and his babysitter murdered in cold blood, Emma and Zack travel to New York to work the case. They go undercover, infiltrating a playground of private dungeons where those who are rich and powerful can live out fantasies without consequence. What they find is a conspiracy born of a twisted mind and fueled by greed. The clock is ticking. Will Zack and Emma be able to find the missing boy and their way back to one another?

I received this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.

I love the Fallen Siren series written by S.J. Harper--the writing duo that comprises of Jeanne C. Stein and Samantha Sommerby! Forsaken takes place right after the events of Reckoning, and as you might recall, things didn't end happily there.

Zack and Emma are going to NYC to help in a kidnapping case, one involving a child. Though things between them are still very tense. And unhappy. Zack has learned that Emma has taken away some of his memories of them and he's pissed. Naturally. Emma still won't tell him the why of it all and that just further drives the wedge between them. But for now, they pushed that aside. A child is missing and that's not something they're going to let sit idly by.

Zack and Emma work with the task force in NYC and try to uncover what happened to the missing boy and who could possibly have taken him. The father happens to be a billionaire and has his own dark secrets, ones that are catching up with him.

As they work together on this case, old tensions still run high between then. Emma is forever trying to redeem herself to Demeter for what she let happen all those years ago. After all, redemption can just be a rescue away. As is her motto for life! I truly hope to see that happen to her by the end of the series but only time will tell!

The Fallen Siren series is definitely one of unique variety! Greek mythology twisted in, and naturally some good ol' paranormals, and mystery solving! The mysteries are always intense, no matter how big or small as the novels and novellas will show you! This is a fast paced and remarkable series that every paranormal fan should read!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars


  1. I was blown away by the first novel in the series so it's great that this dynamic duo have been able to keep the quality up.

  2. Aaah. This is part of a series. I didn't realize that when I first saw the cover. Does sound very good!

  3. I just love this series, I had no idea about this novella. i am so excited!


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