Jul 16, 2015

Random Thursday

We're about halfway through the list of factoids now! I really enjoyed this one because a lot of the facts were new to me. Or else I somehow did know of them, but then forgot! LOL! Too much info in my head, and as Inside Out teaches us, the cleaners sometimes throw out certain memories or factoids! ;)

Once again, I must credit Brian Raftery for all these awesome facts about the movie! Link to come at the end of the month to read the article in full!

  • Actress Susan Backlinie, who plays doomed swimmer Chrissie Watkins in the film’s opening attack sequence, was supposed to recite “The Lord’s Prayer” as her character is being pulled against the buoy. But neither Backlinie nor any of the other Catholics on-set could remember the words. 
  • To record Backlinie’s screaming sounds in post-production, Spielberg stood above the actress with a baby bassinet full of water and poured it over her mouth as she yelled. 
  • The well-reviewed The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz opened during filming, making Dreyfuss a star; his ego restored, he’d use one of the assistant director’s megaphones to try to pick up women during filming. "You know why I get so many dates?” he reportedly told Spielberg. “Because I have a 40-foot face.” 
  • The 13-foot tiger shark that’s reeled in by the locals in Jaws was a real fish, one that had been caught in Florida, packed in ice, and shipped to Martha’s Vineyard, where it sat on a dock for four days, making an awful stench. In revenge, irked Vineyard residents left shark carcasses at the doorsteps of Zanuck and Brown’s island dwellings. 
  • To make the blood in the film as visually vibrant and distinctive as possible, Spielberg instructed production designer Joe Alves to make sure no other bright-red objects found their way into the frame. 


  1. LOL! I didn't know that! Thank you for the info!

  2. very interesting facts you have listed here!!

  3. Now that is a way to pick up chicks! You go Richard! Fun facts!


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