Jul 7, 2015

Teaser & Top Ten Tuesdays

Here are the rules:
1. Grab your current read      
2. Open to a page
3. Pick out 2 lines that are SPOILER FREE
4. Name the title, author, etc

"This isn't Twilight, and I'm not your Bella. If I catch you stalking me again I'll pray so hard that your boss in the Everlast will have no choice but to listen. God knows that feathered beast owes me." p. 33

TITLE: The Given
AUTHOR: Vicki Pettersson
PUBLISHER: Harper Voyager
GENRE: Paranormal Noir 
RELEASE DATE: May 27, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

Each week we will post a new Top Ten list  that one of our bloggers here at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join. All we ask is that you link back to The Broke and the Bookish on your own Top Ten Tuesday post AND add your name to the Linky widget so that everyone can check out other bloggers lists! If you don't have a blog, just post your answers as a comment. Have fun with it! It's a fun way to get to know your fellow bloggers.

This week's topic is: Top Ten Hyped Books I've Never Read

*in no particular order

1. THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins--yeah...this one never grabbed my interest. Sorry peeps.
2. CITY OF BONES by Cassandra Clare--I think I tried reading this series once but never got through this first book. Another series just not for me.
3. THE DEAD GIRLS' DANCE by Rachel Caine--a series I was so excited for when I first heard about it, but I've never been able to read it. I think when I read a sampler I just wasn't wowed so never read the first one in its entirety.

4. RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard--seen lots of great reviews on this one! I have never read it...but I PLAN TO! It's been bought, recorded into my TBR queue and is waiting to be read! LOL!
5. AN EMBER IN THE ASHES by Sabaa Tahir--pretty much exactly what I said above!
6. THE WRATH AND THE DAWN by Renee Ahdieh--see above! ;)

7. REBEL BELLE by Rachel Hawkins--have yet to start this amazing series! Hear good things and it's yet another hyped series I have yet to start, but do own! So I just need more TIME!! ;)
8. THE RETURN by Jennifer L. Armentrout--I suck. I LOOOOOVE Jennifer Armentrout's books but I still haven't read this one! All her books are hyped for sure! Once again, I own it, but I need time! Review books keep popping in just as I finish the first stack of them! LOL!
9. CRIMSON BOUND by Rosamund Hodge--this is an author to keep an eye on if you love fairy tale retellings! LOVED Cruel Beauty and read soo many great reviews on this one! Again, I own, just haven't read it yet.

10. THE SCORPIO RACES by Maggie Stiefvater--have heard amazing things about this one over the years. Haven't read it but have read her Wolves of Mercy series and loved that! So I did pick this one up last year, but still haven't read it! Sigh...anyone got a pause button on time yet? LOL!


  1. Yay, Vicki Pettersson! Wow, no Hunger Games? That's crazy! The Mortal Instruments and The Morganville Vampires are two of my favorite series! I haven't read Red Queen, An Ember in the Ashes or The Wrath and the Dawn yet either and I feel a bit of shame because I haven't yet. I loved Rebel Belle but wasn't as impressed with the sequel. I'm hesitant about starting Crimson Bound because I wasn't a huge fan of Cruel Beauty, but it was mostly because I didn't like the characters. The writing was fantastic though. I haven't read The Scorpio Races either, but I don't like horses, so I'm on the fence about it. Great list!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  2. Love the tease. Great choice.
    The Hunger Games, I haven't read the books but I've seen the first two movies. Loved The Mortal Instruments and The Return. As for the others, yeah, still need to read those too. One day.

  3. I haven't read any of these either, so I think you are good!


  4. Loving that teaser! She seems like a strong character. I read the Hunger Games- after watching the first two books because my students swear that it is soooo different (it wasn't). I read City of Bones before the hype started, I wish the series had ended at three books. I was happy with that the fourth book not so much.

    My Teaser

  5. I'm so glad there are people that don't like The Hunger Games (even if I liked it when I read it)! I haven't read Dead Girls Dance either. I liked the first book in the series, bu I haven't gotten around to the rest.
    I literally just bought Crimson Bound. I looooved Cruel Beauty so I am excited to finally read this one! I hope you enjoy the ones you plan to read!

    Christina @ Books & Prejudice

  6. Love the teaser. I may have to give this one a try. I have read about half of your hyped but not read books. A couple more are on my wishlist but who knows if I'll ever get to them. I really want to try to keep up with review books and read some books I already have before adding new ones to the stack. My teaser this week is from Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh. Happy reading!

  7. I want to read Rebel Belle too! I loved Red Queen!! I was not so sure about The Hunger Games when I read the synopsis but I absolutely LOVED it and was so glad I gave it a chance :)

  8. I haven't read The Return yet either. JLA has SOOOO many books and I haven't read them all yet! Not sure if I'll ever read The Hunger Games. I read the first three books of TMI, and didn't like them. I'll probably finish the series since I started it. It will be painful. I didn't like Cruel Beauty, so maybe I'll try Crimson Bound.

    My TTT

    Lizzie @ Lizzie the Sarcastic Blonde

  9. I really hope you read Crimson Bound and An Ember in the Ashes soon!! Those are two of my favorites of the year so far! I still need to read The Wrath and the Dawn though! I bought it and it's just collecting dust... Oops. Great list!

    Here are my Top Ten!

  10. I really liked The Hunger Games!
    I definitely recommend Red Queen and An Ember in the Ashes - I loved both of them!
    I'm hoping to read The Wrath and the Dawn and Crimson Bound soon :)

    -- Nicola Reads YA

  11. I haven't read any Cassandra Clare and I'm not sure I will. But I do need to read Rebel Belle and Crimson Bound. I have read numbers 4-6 and the only one I loved in The Wrath and the Dawn. Great list!
    Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

  12. Love that teaser. It really made me laugh with the reference to Twilight and Bella.

    My TT this week: http://wp.me/pZnGI-o1

  13. Read a couple of those..Red Queen and Crimson Bound were okay but didn't wow me.

  14. I love the cover of the Pettersson--and I love, love, love that teaser. LOL

    I've read the Hunger Games books, and enjoyed them, but I wouldn't say I fell head over heels for them. I read City of Bones, but haven't yet been motivated enough to read further in the series. Maybe. Maybe not. Both The Wrath of the Dawn and Red Queen are books I hope to read someday.

  15. A lot of these made my list/unofficial list. I've heard so much about Rebel Belles.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Here's my TTT

    My $30 giveaway ends soon so check it out.

  16. Nice list! I haven't read any of the books mentioned in your post either!!

    Here's a link to my TTT post for this week: http://captivatedreader.blogspot.com/2015/07/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-hyped-books-ive.html

  17. CRIMSON BOUND and RED QUEEN would have made my list...if I hadn't got bored and tired of finding books I didn't want to read. I should have also included City of Bones.

  18. The only one I have read is The Hunger Games, which I really liked! I read Cruel Beauty (listened to it actually) and unfortunately I didn't like it very much.

    Tina @ Pages of Comfort
    Old follower (:


    I tried reading Dead Girls Dance but couldn't quite get into it. :/

  20. Fun teaser and I love that cover. Kind of noirish:) Great list of books. I've read several. And that new cover for The Scorpio Races is nice. I loved the book and might have to buy the new one in print.

    My TT - http://fuonlyknew.com/2015/07/07/teaser-tuesdays-121-morrigans-shadow/

  21. LOL Love that line.

    mine: https://storytreasury.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/teaser-tuesday-stories-of-the-raksura-volume-2/

  22. I think The Return is the only JLA book I have yet to read and it's weird because I like Seth but like you I haven't had the time to read it either.

  23. The Hunger Games is one of my all time favorites! City of Bones was also pretty good.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  24. I am super curious about The Wrath and the Dawn. I see it everywhere!! I really need to read it soon. I also really want to read The Return as well! I've really enjoyed the books I've read by Armentrout so far. :) Great list!

  25. BUT...BUT...Hunger Games was sooooo good!! LOL Not every book is for every reader. There are some that were super hyped I didn't enjoy at all like the A Song of Ice and Fire series and His Dark Materials. The book speaks to the reader...we just can't make ourselves love them.

  26. Oh, if only there were more hours in the day so we could read all the books we WANT to read!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  27. Hahaha! That teaser is so cheesy, and you must read The Hunger Games, Jessica! Those books are hyped for a reason. Great list!

    Thank you for stopping by my post earlier, and happy reading!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  28. Rebel Belle has been sitting on my TBR pile since before it came out.

  29. Nice picks. I love dystopian novels and The Hunger Games is a really great book and a favorite.
    Adriana @ Reading Fictional

  30. I've read and enjoyed a few of these - Hunger Games and Rebel Belle. But I have to say I HATED Red Queen, with a passion that is hard to explain.


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