Jul 13, 2015


I'm headed to Texas for a vacation! Since it didn't look like a family vacation was happening this summer, I decided I'd just go on one myself!

Why Texas in the middle of a 100 summer?

To see the authors of course!! LOL! There are 2 events I plan to attend, I'll be going to the Vicki Pettersson signing in Houston on the 14th!

And then I'm going to the YA panel event at the Irving Public Library!!!

If you're attending either of these feel free to email me or shoot me a message on Twitter! I'll be the chick with a ponytail clipped up, glasses, and likely sweating up a storm with super red cheeks! LOL! That was pretty much my appearance in Charleston during August 2 years ago!

So I won't be around the blogosphere this week, sadly! Posts will still be up, so feel free stop by! 


  1. How fun!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your trip and book siginings! Stay cool and hydrated :)

  2. Texas is always great to visit!! Drink your fluids though!! haha water is always on my mind since I get dehydrated easily. Hope you have fun down south!!

  3. I hope you enjoy your vacation to see the authors!!!! Have a safe trip.


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