Jul 7, 2015

What's the Word? DISNEY MOVIES in the Works!

Ever since Maleficent became a big hit, Disney's been working on more live action films. Because once a hit, always a hit, right? I still haven't seen Cinderella either!

But speaking of Cinderella, apparently on Disney's list, is a story about a particular prince who we rarely see! Who's that you ask! Why Cinderella's Prince Charming's brother! Whether older or younger has yet to be said! 

I think that might be an interesting take on the Cinderella story, yet not being about Cinderella. It's a whole new character, because really, did PC have a brother? Apparently he did and he also never could live up to PC's good name!

Not much is being said, not even a release date. But it's still early! But they did list the lineup of movies to come, my favorite and most anticipated being the first one:

Beauty and the Beast
The Jungle Book
Tink--which I hadn't previously known! Another Tinkerbell movie?! But live action! I'm in!
Maleficent 2--wasn't positive on that one, but it's apparently true! Though I do wonder, what could it be about?
Winnie the Pooh--so many animal movies! I'll be curious to see how these pan out!

Here's the link to the article I read on Yahoo, but it will take you to another website where it was initially published.


  1. Thanks for spreading the word! A Mulan live-action sounds cool!

  2. Bah, I don't know how I feel about all of these live actions, especially Maleficent 2.

  3. I haven't seen Cinderella yet either, but I really want to!! Beauty and the Beast is a definite must for me. Plus, Mulan as well. I ADORE everything Tink so I'm really excited to hear about that one. Thanks so much for sharing :D

  4. I really enjoyed Maleficent, and I'd be eager to see more live action interpretations of Disney movies.I haven't seen Cinderella yet either.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  5. I really don't want the Maleficent 2 movie...
    Dumbo will be directed by Tim Burton, so you can expect many dark thing on the lovely elephant. But Beauty and the Beast...I am marking the days for the trailer at least!

  6. I thought Cinderella was really well done! I haven't seen Maleficent but I've only heard good things.

    I'm SO EXCITED for Mulan! One of my favourite animated movies and I can't wait to see it come to life. I'm also really happy with the casting for Beauty and the Beast!

  7. Hooray! I'm especially excited for Beauty and the Beast because EMMA WATSON AND DAN STEVENS. :D

    Annie @ Indoor Sojourner

  8. Mulan and The Beauty and the Beast I just cant wait! The Jungle book could be awesome, too.. Maleficent I havent seen yet so I dont know about the sequel.

  9. Thanks for spreading the word! I knew about Beauty and the Beast, as I've seen so many pictures, and I've heard about The Jungle Book. I'd heard about Mulan, and the issue that might occur with finding a good actress, as there aren't a whole lot of Chinese actresses in Hollywood. It'll be interesting to see what Maleficent 2 is!

  10. I'm so excited for all these live action movies, especially beauty and the beast, because we know the cast already.


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