Aug 22, 2015

Marie Lu Villain Squad Promo--I am the Villain +CONTEST!

Marie Lu's latest series, The Young Elites, is a different kind of series in that, instead of following a heroine around saving the world/day from nefarious villains, we follow Adelina who is in fact a villain!

I was contacted by Penguin Young Readers, to create  my own villain identity to help gear up for the upcoming release of The Rose Society in October!

And this actually took some thinking on my part, mainly because I don't find myself to be very "villainous"! Just an ordinary girl try to do the "adulting" thing as of late, and reading in my spare time while my manuscript cries to be edited. In time, my friend, for I now have a job and my mood should be improving shortly!

So anyway, I had to think...villain...villain...villainous...

And my villainous identity turned out to be...Miz Pause!

Miz Pause is very self serving. She can PAUSE time for the entire world with the flick of her wrist and basically wreak havoc and chaos upon society with no one to be the wiser!

Although, mostly she pauses time to catch up on her reading and dismantling a growing TBR Mountain that has taken over her room. 

BUT she has been known to pause time, and sneak into authors' homes, and read their manuscripts BEFORE they end up being published! YES! She reads the book before ANYONE else!

And if she happens to not like a certain outcome...well...let's just say things might CHANGE!  

Be sure to enter the contest for a chance to win an ARC of The Rose Society! (US Only, provided by the publisher)

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  1. I need to create mines! And start/join the "squad"!
    I like your superpower. Im more like a telekinesis type of girl LOL

    Enter to win a personalized copy of Queen of Shadows! Open INT!!

    Leydy @ OUaT

  2. Mine is The Doppelganger -

  3. LOVE THIS! i am finishing up my post for next week!


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