Aug 13, 2015

Random Thursday

I made an observation at some point in the past when tearing off the days on my Disney Desk Calendar. Though, the calendar doesn't say this. I kind of thought of it myself and it wasn't at all a pleasant thought.

When Snow White comes to the dwarves' cottage and decides to clean the place up with the help of her animal "friends", do you ever notice all the orders she gives out? "Now you wash the dishes. You tidy up the room. You clean the fireplace, and I'll use the broom!" Basically, you all do the hard work and I'll use the broom! 

But since the animals were drawn the the sad little princess, they comply. We all think, oh how cute, the animals are doing laundry and using the turtle's belly as a scrub board. But yet, all these animals are doing hard labor. While Snow White sweeps and cooks some stew and pies!

I still LOVE Disney movies and all! I'm not totally bashing on the movie or anything. It's just an observation. I guess as you grow older, you tend to have a more critical eye when it comes to beloved childhood movies and even TV shows. Like how in Rugrats, you'd think social services would be called on the Pickles with all the child endangerment that goes on when the babies go on their adventures without their parents knowing! LOL!


  1. I always throught cute that the stag carries all the clothes to the river! Now that you mention it, it is trute! LOL! Bad, bad Snow White! :)

  2. I think you are right. When we grow older we definitely see things in a different light.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  3. I haven't watched many Disney movies since being a kid, but I see what you're saying. Snow White is my favorite princess, so I should really do a rewatch. I've seen this so in The Muppets. My husband went back and watched episodes of The Muppet Show, that we both remember watching as children. Watching now, we both couldn't believe how crude they were! LOL. Guess they have to make it interesting for the adults too.

  4. You have to remember, Snow White was made back in 1939 when it was agiven for women to spend their days cooking and cleaning! If they were to make that movie in 2015, Snow would be a complete badass warrior princess, like in Once Upon A Time :P An interesting thought though!

  5. This is so funny!! I definitely never thought of that particular situation, but I have found myself noticing things in Disney movies as I've gotten older. For example, The Little Mermaid. Seriously, what?? She falls head over heels in love with Prince Eric without even speaking to him and basically sells her soul for him... And she's 16! Still a good movie though! ;)

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  6. You definitely notice more things in those movies as your get older :)


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